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  1. BME - finally got past 50+ sales in a month, and past $3K gross in a month This year however very variable - 2 of the previous months have been my worst months for over 2 years - rather inconsistent Kumar
  2. Colchester Cameras offer very good service and are an authorised Canon repairer Can be found here: http://camera-repair.co.uk/ Have used them many times. Dont know the cost for this particular repair I am afraid! Kumar
  3. Congrats Lynn, Keep up the good work! Kumar
  4. Interesting. My zooms last month (May) were the highest ever in 10 years, until this month when they were even higher. Sale numbers this month are average ( 36 ), but gross income is below average at $1460 Compared to the first 6 months of 2013, I have 18% more images for sale I have had 36% more views 14% more zooms 8% less sales 6% less gross income If that trend continues to the end of the year it will be the first time in 10 years sales and income numbers have not continued to rise Kumar
  5. Hi Martin - I last uploaded Friday night (27/6) and no virus probs - never have had in fact. Kumar
  6. Heres my last two... Clevedon Pier, Somerset Railway station Kumar
  7. I have always been in the newspaper scheme and whereas a lot of images go to the mail online or the guardian online for single figure prices, last month I had an image licensed to a British newspaper for $107 gross, (I think it might have been the Sun as it had a 5m print run), so reasonable prices can still be had despite being in the scheme. I agree also with those above when they say that sometimes the guardian and the mail will use the same images time and time again and the income increases... Kumar
  8. Steve, Many thanks for spotting the statins image on 14/6 and the National Railway Museum image on 15/6 Cheers Kumar
  9. Anything's possible in the US of A!
  10. Tom - many congratulations on your win, loved the image! Here's my first: Pigeons and the cable car, The Boardwalk, Santa Cruz beach, California Kumar
  11. Views average; zooms- highest ever Sales lousy - 29 for $1160 gross - worst since 2012 Hopefully this is not being reflected throughout Alamy In Newspaper scheme, not in NU Kumar
  12. Tom - congratulations on being able to contribute and indeed contributing with only 4 images on Alamy! Deserves a greenie methinks! Kumar
  13. mmmm - I see your point. If it was just a question of the use of the American flag, then I stand by my original comment. However if the manufacturer can clearly identify his flags from your photo because of the type of stick they are on, or some similar method, then it would be important to leave the photo as RM, . I guess it comes down to how many manufacturers make those flags (the problem is, esp in the US, that one manufacturer could say its their flags even if it wasnt, so best not to have it in an advert, and therefore best to say its RM, and "No" to property release Sorry - have ram
  14. There is no such law in the UK, nor is there in the USA . France is a different matter but that's been covered in this group before Kumar
  15. Interesting question and I see the difficulty. My own thoughts would be no it does not need a property release. The flag is not "owned" by any body in particular apart from the American nation as a whole. Kumar
  16. Thanks for finding that one Mal; Interestingly enough its just been purchased this afternoon so nice to see these things being quickly paid for!! Regards Kumar
  17. Also note that both "edgewalk" and edgewalk at CN tower" have been searched for in the last year, and there are only 10 alamy images that come up for "edgewalk" all of which are at the CN tower. So no real need to put edgewalk in the caption or esskeys but I would certainly put it in the main keywords - anybody searching for it will still see it. In terms of overall sharpness I would have thought this would pass QC Let us know what you decide to do! Kumar
  18. Congratulations Jill! Nice feeling eh? Kumar
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