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  1. Thanks! Three from me: 1. From an irritated householder... 2. Taken a few years ago but very appropriate today.... 3. There's not much left that you can do! (At the entrance to Uxmal UNESCO Mayan site, Yucatan, Mexico) Cheers! Kumar
  2. "Doing a Losdemas", May 2019 - 38,700 views, 226 zooms May 2020 - 22,600 views (extrapolated); 146 zooms (ditto) so approx 60% of last years figures for both views and zooms. I haven't included sales as many of them come in at the end of the month. Last year I had 71 sales. Suffice to say I wont be having that number this year! Kumar
  3. Cheers Allan! I was pleased with it - has sold a number of times Kumar
  4. Congrats Allan on what sounds like a good sale! Generally I think US sales tend to pay a bit better then most! Kumar
  5. 55 for $1314 gross. Only one in the $$$ region, $120. Both view numbers and zoom numbers down to about 50-60% of "normal", probably because my port is travel-biased. Views/zooms in the final ten days of April particularly low so the next 1-3 months may be poor However, we are all well so far which has got to be the good news here. Keep safe all Kumar
  6. I do exactly the same - I remove all countries except "UK" and "Worldwide" from the spreadsheet, then I remove everything except for magazines, books and TV (including newspapers) , and also I remove everything not in print form, and then I sent the remainder of the spreadsheet to DACS Kumar
  7. I also bought the 5D1 in 2006 and the 5D3 in 205, but got the 5D2 in 2011. I wont be upgrading till the 5D3 gives problems, but I did also invest in the 7D2 to use with the 100-400 mainly for wildlife, which I have been very pleased with - the combination of 5D3/7D2 works well for me Kumar
  8. very slow here too; probably below half the sales I would have expected by this time in a normal April - probably doesn't help that many of my images are travel-related Kumar
  9. Hi Colin; congrats on your win and appropriate choice of topic! Here are mine: 1. Old Town Square,Prague; people waiting to see the Astronomical clock in action 2. People travelling on a water bus during the Venice Carnival (note the face mask!) 3. Crowds out for the bars and restaurants, Pub Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia Kumar
  10. Perhaps Alamy could kindly tell us what images are likely to be Non-Exclusive despite the fact that we have not put them up for sale anywhere else? (It would appear that images of stained glass windows would fall into this category?) Thanks Alamy Kumar
  11. Congratulations Lisa! Are you locked down in the US or the UK? Kumar
  12. Thanks for the update James - I guess contributions to Alamy stock numbers from us will also be lower due to the restrictions on movement! Best wishes and good health to all at Alamy Cheers Kumar
  13. Hi Geoff S, For the past 5 years, taking the gross income and dividing by the average number of images over that time the average is $6.7 gross per image, so clearly figures skewed by prices in the early Alamy career. Note that for each year my figures for gross income approximate $1 per image per year these days, which is a slightly different statistic - thats getting worse very year as prices fall generally Kumar
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