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  1. 68 for $1380 gross - poor sale amounts and for possibly the first time, no $$$ sales. 😒 Zooms good at 275, and CTR for the month I think the highest ever at 0.86 Compares unfavourably with Feb 2019 ( 75 sales for $2023 gross) Sign of the times I guess Kumar
  2. Frankly I always work out what I should get from the exchange rate and then subtract many pounds from that estimate, as its always less in practice. :( Kumar
  3. Good point Meanderingemu - I have looked from 3 months before the supposed use, to present, and there is no recorded sale confirmation - have others been paid for this usage? All my images are Alamy only exclusive - I dont sell anywhere else. I will bring this to the attention of Alamy Contributor Desk Kumar
  4. No I was not aware of it - certainly has not appeared in my "sold images" list as yet Kumar
  5. I have over 1500 images on Alamy taken in markets around the world - I tend to gravitate to them as they are crowded, colourful, interesting and represent the culture/lifestyle of the places I am visiting. I always shoot with a DSLR and a wide to medium lens. It has been very rare to find people objecting to photos being taken - the main times have been when I have (accidentally) taken a photo of a stall which has a "no photo" sign up - problem is these signs are often small and difficult to see. When this has happened I am always happy to delete the images taken. I occasionally ask permission to take a photo when I want to specifically take a posed image of a stallholder with their produce. Most of the time I dont as I want natural rather than posed images of the market. In general I find standing at the side of a stall the best position as the image can then get the stallholder selling produce to the buyer, and you dont appear to be putting a lens into anyones face! It's also good to take images quickly and move on rather than staying in one place too long - people can begin to feel they are being picked on! Most important thing I think, is to be open, friendly, smile a lot and dont creep around with a long lens in the background Kumar
  6. Thanks Steve - nice to know it was used in the paper version as well KR Kumar
  7. I understand that to be true, and would hope that PA would want to build on that rather than shut the NYC office Kumar
  8. +1; and how will it overall affect Alamy in the years to come? Kumar
  9. Dusk, Hong Kong, seen from the Peak, HK Island
  10. Young Maldives Islands mother and her infant. Sold to an Australian newspaper for low $$ Kumar
  11. there are two main situations for us editorial photographers; either we are in the street taking views/scenes with lots of people in them, and/or lots of buildings; or we are in the street and specifically taking just a very few people, or targeting one specific building. I feel in the former instance, in this country at least, it is 1. impossible and 2. Unnecessary to get any releases signed whether for editorial or commercial reasons - Those type of images are almost always used for editorial usage, but occasionally are used commercially in which case it is down to the end user to decide, as you will have marked them with "no releases". My own feeling is if those images are used commercially its fine and there should be no problems. In the latter instance, assuming you are on public ground in this country (and most countries), releases are not needed for editorial use. For commercial use however, releases would be necessary, and then in the instance with people, you just have to grit your teeth, smile and ask nicely. (Either that or use friends/relatives/paid models who will sign releases). In the instance with a building again you just have to contact/ask the owners. I have never done this - good luck with that! For most of us the most important thing is to mark your images as having, or not having a release. Hope this helps Kumar
  12. Thanks all for your replies! Not sure I completely understand it! Kumar
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