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  1. Very keenly fought contest people! Congrats to the finalists!
  2. First month since the start of COVID where the numbers and income are more like pre-COVID times. 70 licences for $2000 gross - two $$$, best was $175 for television use. Views and zooms still about 60% of normal however so I doubt things are back to normal yet! Kumar
  3. Four of them for me, all deductions of between $0.97 and $3.39 ? Why? Kumar
  4. +1 Lets hope it works better now! Thank you Alamy. Kumar
  5. Great stuff Paulette! not those polar bears again??!!
  6. Delighted to say one of my lockdown activities has paid off - sorted my garage workshop and tools out and photographed it - Sold for reasonable $$$ today for television use! Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)Print run: Unlimited transmissionsPlacement: Use within body of showStart: 15 April 2021Duration: In perpetuity World Wide in Perp, All Media EXCLUDING THEATRICAL including In Context Ad & Promo Kumar
  7. Ostrich racing in South Africa - for low-mid $$ Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Sites web, applis, réseaux sociaux et blogs (publicité exclue). International pendant 5 ans. Media: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Start: 13 April 2021 End: 13 April 2026
  8. Congrats Ed on your win with a great image! Here are my three: 1. Headless street entertainer, Barcelona 2. Street violinist and helper, France 3. Slightly lecherous busker, Trinidad, Cuba! Best, Kumar
  9. Congrats on deciding on a camera and lens! Best of luck! Kumar ps. which lens/lenses will you be using with it?
  10. I think thats right also - I haven't noticed any significant change either for some time. I think Alamy have now moved to a more sophisticated system where to some degree individual images have their own ranking Kumar
  11. Well done Ed! Great image and story! Kumar
  12. Very difficult choices Andy! Well done and good competition! kumar
  13. 42 licences, but a gross income of $851, with only one $$$ sale ($100). The good news was that views were highest since Jan 2020, and zooms highest since March 2020, so there maybe some improvement in the next few months Great to hear that some contributors have had a very good month! Kumar
  14. Congrats andremichel! thats a good target to have hit. Kumar
  15. Are you calling that a slow month, Ian?? 🥴
  16. One of the reasons I went for the R range mirrorless cameras is that I was fed up of having to carry two or three lenses when travelling abroad in Europe - I simply found I was never actually using my EF 70-200 F2.8 Mark II anymore as it was just too heavy. Canon have brought out the RF 24-240 F4-6.3, which has IS, but is not an L lens. Frankly, it's not as good as the L lenses in that edge definition is slightly poorer, and chromatic aberration is prominent, and maximum aperture is a bit lower, but the second problem is easily corrected in lightroom and the first problem is not that noticeabl
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