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  1. I do the same Edo - always have. It is probably not the most efficient way of doing it, but I find it easier to do in AIM, and I am not selling my images through any other outlet so that benefit of tagging before uploading is not relevant to me Kumar
  2. Not at all, but I started back in 2004 and have over 26K images on sale now. At the start things were slow, but I did get some sales and was determined to not give up. I was inspired by others who had already done well, particularly the sadly late Keith Morris (RedSnapper) who many on the forum will know, who famously used his Alamy income to pay off his mortgage/buy his house. Gives you something to aim at! Very much more difficult now, if starting relatively recently, It is very much a numbers game, though decent images and particularly good keywording
  3. Alamy sales can be very much up and down in terms of numbers till you have a large number of images on sale. They will pick up! Kumar
  4. Tourists in South Africa shark-cage diving, with a great white in attendance; Gaansbai, Hermanus, South Africa. Sold for low $ Kumar
  5. seems to be continuing as normal here (well, the "new normal") Kumar
  6. Colin - really sorry to hear this news. Hope things turn out OK - they often have a habit of doing so. Here's my three; 1. Broken down safari vehicle with a pride of lions not far off! 2. Broken Sainsbury's supermarket (sign) 3. Old broken rusting cars in the rainforest, Guatemala Best wishes Kumar
  7. Thanks Bryan! looked through the Sunday Times this morning but missed that!! Kumar
  8. Thanks for that spot MB Photography - not yet come up in my sales Kumar
  9. Certainly did GVallee - particularly the young ? jacana bird? - and wish I could!!
  10. Some great images in this thread in the last few days!
  11. 57 sales for a gross of $1642 - including 4 in the low $$$ range, best were two both at $150. Lowest number of views of the year so far, at 20,100 but zooms not bad at 152 so CTR 0.76 Interestingly, a rather better month than August 2019 for sales and income Overall, figures generally only around 75% of "normal" Kumar
  12. Just looking at some of the enormous numbers of Alamy images found in these recent threads, I must thank all those who so diligently search the web and papers/mags to bring these to our attention. Great work! Thank you! Kumar
  13. Congrats John and Ed! Good to see some larger value sales are still coming through! Kumar
  14. This image of people in cafes in the Islamic Quarter, Cairo has been on Alamy for 10 years, and has never sold, till this month when it sold twice, once for low $$, and again for low $$$. Don't ask me why! Kumar
  15. 52 for $1413 gross - only one $$$; so maximum was $119 on 31/7. Zooms 184 Total views 25,900 All still going along at about 60% of normal Kumar
  16. Kumar Sriskandan A man carries an infant outside a shop in Valenca do Minho, Northern Portugal - Image ID: AFDR7K Thanks for the spot Shearwater! Kind regards Kumar
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