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  1. Zooms and indeed sales, all down to about 50% normal, but still getting them Kumar
  2. Congrats on the close fought win Colin! 1. Green Tree Python (Morelia Viridis) coiled around a branch 2. The Green Wok chinese restaurant in the Medina, Essaouira, Morocco 3. Two masqueraders dressed in green; the Venice Carnival, Venice Italy Cheers! Kumar
  3. Congratulations Colin! Hard fought result! Kumar
  4. Congratulations to all the finalists and particularly the two presently tied for first place! Kumar
  5. Frankly I would have thought that was sensible! Kumar
  6. The trip to Cuba keeps on giving.. Happy group of children in a poor area of Havana; High $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyIndustry sector: EducationStart: 02 June 2020Duration: Unlimited Kumar
  7. Fantastic result John "Part of the Forum Furniture" Mitchell! Kumar ps. are you the only one?
  8. 35 zooms recorded for yesterday - most ever for me in one day - included 21 for portrait images from New England USA Kumar
  9. Very difficult choice I would imagine - as of today, looks like it's a horse race! Kumar
  10. 48 for $1122 gross - one $$$ for $133 (disappointingly originally credited for $233 and then refunded/resold) Views still down, but zooms improving so a reasonable CTR of 0.72 Comparative figures with May of last year: May 2020: Views: 23,207; Zooms: 168. Sales 48, Gross income $1122 May 2019: Views 38,700; Zooms: 226, Sales: 71, Gross income: $2666 Kumar
  11. A sale in April for a self-published book for quite low $$ was refunded a week ago. Today it was re-sold for the same usage for three times the amount. Makes a pleasant change! Kumar
  12. Lincoln is hugely worth the visit John! (and you might get a bed for the night from Allan!!) Kumar
  13. Congratulations on the move Allan! Finally made it after the lockdown nightmare! Kumar
  14. Thanks! Three from me: 1. From an irritated householder... 2. Taken a few years ago but very appropriate today.... 3. There's not much left that you can do! (At the entrance to Uxmal UNESCO Mayan site, Yucatan, Mexico) Cheers! Kumar
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