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  1. Maybe they thought they were buying her?? 🀣
  2. 2020, sales to end of June: 344 2021, sales to end of June: 350 2020 gross income, same period: $10,570 2021, ditto $8590 Kumar
  3. 63 licences for $1141 gross. A poor $18.1 per sale gross. no $$$ sales CTR 0.71 cant compare with last year as away at the moment Kumar
  4. Markt Square, Bruges, at Christmas, Worldwide website editorial for small $ Kumar
  5. I have the v2 filters, and do use Viveza, Colour Effex and Silver Effex a fair amount, but not sure , as you are Marianne about upgrading and then not being able to restore v2. I am happy with what I have got and not sure the upgrade would be worth it for me, but will be interested in what you decide to so! Best Kumar
  6. The Positive news? 10 sales so far have dropped in today. The less positive news - The total Gross value of them is $28.43 Kumar
  7. Unfortunately Phil I am not sure that's right - there are two meanings of "commercial use" - the one we as stock photogs understand, which is advertising etc, and there is the wider use which is "for any financial gain", ie. selling the image for editorial purposes. That's my understanding anyway! Best, Kumar
  8. Bill - I shall be very sorry to see you go. Your comments on the forum have always been insightful and helpful. I hope we will be able to converse on a different forum in the future. Best wishes to you Kumar
  9. Alamy, I really have to agree with my colleagues who have spoken for keeping the "Exclusive" Collection. It is surely one of the main reasons that buyers will come to Alamy - to look for something they cant find anywhere else? I too have almost never sold an image except through Alamy (and the three I have done are marked "non-exclusive"). If this "New contract" goes through in the way that it seems to be doing, I think most of us with "Exclusive" images will mark them non-exclusive, and will find other outlets to also sell them. This does not seem to be in the interests of eithe
  10. second month in a row where numbers of sales are approaching pre-pandemic numbers, but gross income still falling a bit short. 71 for $1550; only one for $$$ (and that's one I will be likely removing in the next few weeks).. CTR 0.69 Kumar
  11. None of us can tell anyone else what to do, as we are in different positions. However we can all decide what we ourselves are going to do. For me, firstly I am waiting to see what comes back from Alamy. Nothing to be lost at this point by waiting for that. Sadly, as we have seen in the recent past, when new contracts are proposed, violently objected to by us, and then made more benign, they may not then last very long. On the other hand, the partial reversal last time (retain 50% for exclusive images) was decided by the old Alamy management, and this is now PA. They may be less inclined t
  12. When I first joined Alamy in 2004 there was a rule which said that if you did not make $75 in a year you were out. After a year I assumed I was out as I hadn't heard anything and mistakenly thought Alamy would tell me when I made a sale (πŸ˜‚) . Then I got a payment of $180 into my bank account. πŸ™‚ Kumar
  13. I would be interested to hear your feedback from that please Mr Standfast. Kumar
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