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  1. Bill - I shall be very sorry to see you go. Your comments on the forum have always been insightful and helpful. I hope we will be able to converse on a different forum in the future. Best wishes to you Kumar
  2. Alamy, I really have to agree with my colleagues who have spoken for keeping the "Exclusive" Collection. It is surely one of the main reasons that buyers will come to Alamy - to look for something they cant find anywhere else? I too have almost never sold an image except through Alamy (and the three I have done are marked "non-exclusive"). If this "New contract" goes through in the way that it seems to be doing, I think most of us with "Exclusive" images will mark them non-exclusive, and will find other outlets to also sell them. This does not seem to be in the interests of eithe
  3. second month in a row where numbers of sales are approaching pre-pandemic numbers, but gross income still falling a bit short. 71 for $1550; only one for $$$ (and that's one I will be likely removing in the next few weeks).. CTR 0.69 Kumar
  4. None of us can tell anyone else what to do, as we are in different positions. However we can all decide what we ourselves are going to do. For me, firstly I am waiting to see what comes back from Alamy. Nothing to be lost at this point by waiting for that. Sadly, as we have seen in the recent past, when new contracts are proposed, violently objected to by us, and then made more benign, they may not then last very long. On the other hand, the partial reversal last time (retain 50% for exclusive images) was decided by the old Alamy management, and this is now PA. They may be less inclined t
  5. When I first joined Alamy in 2004 there was a rule which said that if you did not make $75 in a year you were out. After a year I assumed I was out as I hadn't heard anything and mistakenly thought Alamy would tell me when I made a sale (😂) . Then I got a payment of $180 into my bank account. 🙂 Kumar
  6. I would be interested to hear your feedback from that please Mr Standfast. Kumar
  7. Agreed! In addition to the suggestions of Cryptoprocta and others, we should see these answers from Alamy. Your headless mate!
  8. This refers to Clause 4.1.5 - suggesting the possibility that it could Allow Alamy to use images marked "editorial only" for commercial or other reasons; I agree 100% with this - John - there's little point going through all your images and ticking "Editorial use only" if that is then ignored by Alamy. Kumar
  9. I hit > $25,000 between 2014 and 2018 inclusive. Not since then, and with the reduction in overall fees paid am now on a likely downward slope. I would think the number of individual photographers reaching this amount with exclusive to Alamy images must be very few Kumar
  10. Well said Cryptoprocta. Alamy must absolutely guarantee that if an image has been annotated for editorial use only, for example, that they will not sell that image for any other purpose including commercial/advertising use without the specific agreement of the contributor, both for images already on sale, and for those yet to be submitted after July. . Especially given that Alamy appears to be also putting responsibility on the contributor for legal problems arising from purchaser's usage of the images. The contributor remains the copyright holder of the image, and it is up to us to decide how
  11. Yesterday I also had the same request. I too refused to lift the restrictions despite assurances that the purchasers would be "responsible for sourcing any third party rights and they would shoulder all responsibility for using the image. They are currently working with a rights clearance company." My response included the following: "I understand that the customer says they would shoulder all responsibility for the use if legal problems were to arise, but as I am sure you are aware litigators tend to take a “spatter gun” approach and involve all parties. I
  12. Well said Camera Girl - and a big thank you, Bryan, also from me for all your hard work!! Enjoy your break! Best. Kumar
  13. Presumably as from July there will be no monetary benefit, when the new contract comes into operation.
  14. Appalling money grab tactics by Alamy. Shame on you. Having told us exclusive images will remain at 50% commission, there is now a U turn, and only those with an annual income of $25,000 gross will retain the 50% commission. I empathise with those who have spent months making their images exclusive for no good reason. My income from 2014-2018 inclusive was over $25,000 gross, with around 20-23000 images. Now with cuts in image costs, and COVID on top, gross for 2019 was $23K, and 2020 $18.5K, so I will not make the platinum level and therefore will fall to 40% commis
  15. Congratulation Gen on a narrow victory! Here are my three entries: 1. Pigeons and the overhead cable car, The Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, California 2. The moon between sailboat hawsers 3. Motion blur, Dubai Metro lines Kumar
  16. Sold this month for a pittance but at least it might signify that things are improving and travel may return soon... The Maldives. Kumar
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