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  1. Arrived in my bank account this morning. Not Paypal
  2. Agreed John, and have found it so for some time. Particularly loading up image sales data, the recent sales page and measures data. No particular problem with the forum Kumar
  3. Slight improvement over the past few months, though October often a good month for me. 60 licences fo $1650 gross, 4 in the $$$ range, best was $145. The month started off quite slowly but picked up in the final 10 days. Zooms not bad given the current state. October 2020: 25900 views, October 2019: 38,600 views; zooms: 181 to 245; income (gross):, $1650 to $2340, and sale numbers: 60 to 70 Kumar
  4. Congrats to the finalists! Kumar
  5. Congratulations cbimages! Given the size and specialist nature of your portfolio thats a great achievement. Kumar
  6. About 70% of my sales this month have sold before, but I call proper repeat sellers those that sell again and again and again. Those tend to be images of things that remain newsworthy over a long period of time. There are some newspapers for example the Guardian and the Mail which often re-use the same images to illustrate their articles - sometimes they refer to the images as "stock images" -- obvs. they are, but in those cases I think they are referring to them as images which they now have in their stockpile. Of course they don't sell for very much each time but assuming they are RM, i
  7. never heard of them till now Doug - shall have a look Kumar
  8. Seems to be working for me as of now Gvallee Kumar
  9. Great winning image Sybille, here are my three: 1. Orange tulips in close-up: 1. 2. Orange vintage american car, Havana, Cuba: 3. One orange Cichlid fish among darker Cichlids: Kumar
  10. 53 licences for a gross of $1355. 4 in the $$$ range, best $187 Views 25,200, zooms 176, and sales 53 are all at about 60% of Sept 2019. CTR 0.70 Kumar
  11. Yup - arrived in my account today, 1st October! Kumar
  12. Agreed! Thanks John Kumar
  13. I do the same Edo - always have. It is probably not the most efficient way of doing it, but I find it easier to do in AIM, and I am not selling my images through any other outlet so that benefit of tagging before uploading is not relevant to me Kumar
  14. Not at all, but I started back in 2004 and have over 26K images on sale now. At the start things were slow, but I did get some sales and was determined to not give up. I was inspired by others who had already done well, particularly the sadly late Keith Morris (RedSnapper) who many on the forum will know, who famously used his Alamy income to pay off his mortgage/buy his house. Gives you something to aim at! Very much more difficult now, if starting relatively recently, It is very much a numbers game, though decent images and particularly good keywording
  15. Alamy sales can be very much up and down in terms of numbers till you have a large number of images on sale. They will pick up! Kumar
  16. Tourists in South Africa shark-cage diving, with a great white in attendance; Gaansbai, Hermanus, South Africa. Sold for low $ Kumar
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