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  1. I understand that to be true, and would hope that PA would want to build on that rather than shut the NYC office Kumar
  2. +1; and how will it overall affect Alamy in the years to come? Kumar
  3. Dusk, Hong Kong, seen from the Peak, HK Island
  4. Young Maldives Islands mother and her infant. Sold to an Australian newspaper for low $$ Kumar
  5. there are two main situations for us editorial photographers; either we are in the street taking views/scenes with lots of people in them, and/or lots of buildings; or we are in the street and specifically taking just a very few people, or targeting one specific building. I feel in the former instance, in this country at least, it is 1. impossible and 2. Unnecessary to get any releases signed whether for editorial or commercial reasons - Those type of images are almost always used for editorial usage, but occasionally are used commercially in which case it is down to the end user
  6. Thanks all for your replies! Not sure I completely understand it! Kumar
  7. 59 sales for $1520 gross; only one in the end for $$$ - $125 to be precise. I did have a sale for a slightly higher amount which was refunded and then sold for $45 🤨 Compares with 59 sales for $2079 in Jan 2019, and 68 for $2319 in 2018 so not especially encouraging Decent number of zooms at 270 (259 and 230 for the previous 2 years), so hopefully good numbers of sales in the next couple of months Kumar
  8. Hi all, I have noticed several searches in Measures recently in this format What exactly does it mean/signify? thanks Kumar
  9. The sign on the roundabout says "Newmarket Racecourses; The home of Racing" Kumar
  10. Personally I tend to agree with you Bryan. And in the "Images sold in..." thread I tend to only post images that cant be easily copied Kumar
  11. Yup. We wish you could come down too Ed! It's not too late for anyone else to let me know you want to come to this!! Kumar
  12. Congratulations on the sale. - Didnt know we could upload these, though I have seen one in another search I did the other day; what camera are you using for these? Kumar
  13. My first licence; June 2005; RF $270; Abu Dhabi port: Kumar
  14. Further to my last correspondence, James Allsworth, Alamy's Contributor Experience Manager has offered to come to this meeting to meet with us again (as he did last year) and try and answer any questions we have. If anyone else would like to come, please leave a message on here and let me know. The venue is in Ely, at 12.30, date as above Cheers Kumar
  15. Sadly I cant come this year as am away. Have a good time all! Kumar
  16. Ver difficult to cut it down to just eight i think Michael - thanks for including my bored cat! Kind regards Kumar
  17. 858 sales in 2019 - thats 2 more than last year, and 10 less than 2016 which was my best ever year for both numbers and gross income Gross income 2019 was $23,817, which is 10% less than 2018 and 14% less than 2016 Average income, gross per sale was $27.75 Best sale of the year was $300 gross, at 50% CTR average for the year was 0.66; Position on the BHZ scale for those who use it remains near the top of p4, 120images/page Out of interest my annual gross income this year has gone back down to approximately my income in 20
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