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  1. 3 PU sales this month - not really a surge Kumar
  2. Thanks James for the clarification (and the refunds!) Kind regards to you and all at Alamy Kumar
  3. Tourists and stalls at Pya-Tha-Da pagoda at sunset, Bagan, Myanmar $ Kumar
  4. I had two credits each of $15.31 to my account today, just called "Other Income". I wondered if it was payments Alamy had recovered with their "Incorrect usage described" scheme? Anyone else had this and any thoughts? Cheers Kumar
  5. Thanks Abiyoyo - also used I see, via the Guardian, by "Best for Britain" facebook Group Cheers Kumar
  6. Thanks everybody for your advice/Input - I will avoid the upgrade for the time being! Cheers Kumar
  7. Great effort John! Nailed the subject! Kumar
  8. Difficult choice Colin! Thanks for allowing my snake to wind it's way in! Kumar
  9. Very interesting month for me - The best sale in value I have ever had ($2020 gross, exclusive); the best gross income ever, as a result mainly of that sale, ($3532), and the most zooms ever on one day (35). I also had 2 sales for advertising, the one mentioned, and another for $300+, though that was through a distributor. (Cant remember the last time I had a sale for advertising). Also had two $$$ sale for TV use; Apart from that, no other $$$ sales. Total sales 49; total zooms 173 and CTR 0.64 For the 6 months so far, compared with 2019, views are at 75% of 2019 fig
  10. Made my best-ever Alamy sale today in 16 years - $2020 gross; exclusive, not distributor sale - to the USA for advertising and Promotion. Thanks Alamy! Good to know larger sales can still happen! Kumar ps. Andy - guess the coffees might be on me! pps. Hope it sticks!
  11. Anyone upgraded to, or bought the New Nik Collection 3 yet? I have been using the Nik Collection 2 and found the suite of programs a useful addition to Lightroom and Photoshop, but I know its not to everyone's taste. Theres still a few days where the upgrade is on special offer. Has anyone got the upgrade and able to comment on its usefulness? Thanks Kumar
  12. Reasonable number of "small" sales dropped in this week as usual, but only one $$$ sale the whole month - You are doing well John! Kumar
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