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  1. Congrats John and Ed! Good to see some larger value sales are still coming through! Kumar
  2. This image of people in cafes in the Islamic Quarter, Cairo has been on Alamy for 10 years, and has never sold, till this month when it sold twice, once for low $$, and again for low $$$. Don't ask me why! Kumar
  3. 52 for $1413 gross - only one $$$; so maximum was $119 on 31/7. Zooms 184 Total views 25,900 All still going along at about 60% of normal Kumar
  4. Kumar Sriskandan A man carries an infant outside a shop in Valenca do Minho, Northern Portugal - Image ID: AFDR7K Thanks for the spot Shearwater! Kind regards Kumar
  5. 3 PU sales this month - not really a surge Kumar
  6. Thanks James for the clarification (and the refunds!) Kind regards to you and all at Alamy Kumar
  7. Tourists and stalls at Pya-Tha-Da pagoda at sunset, Bagan, Myanmar $ Kumar
  8. I had two credits each of $15.31 to my account today, just called "Other Income". I wondered if it was payments Alamy had recovered with their "Incorrect usage described" scheme? Anyone else had this and any thoughts? Cheers Kumar
  9. Thanks Abiyoyo - also used I see, via the Guardian, by "Best for Britain" facebook Group Cheers Kumar
  10. Thanks everybody for your advice/Input - I will avoid the upgrade for the time being! Cheers Kumar
  11. Great effort John! Nailed the subject! Kumar
  12. Difficult choice Colin! Thanks for allowing my snake to wind it's way in! Kumar
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