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  1. 2 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

    As we get closer I was thinking "shall I".  Then looked at the distance and time to drive from where I am staying to NEC and back, and considering the long drive home the following day. Nah.  Hey! Wait a minute! I could get the train from Crewe to Birmingham International station. Hmmm!  As Edo would say, "YIKES!" not at over £25 in each direction.


    So Sorry guys I would love to have seen you all there but not this time.




    Now listen to the big sighs of relief from all those going.🙂




    Shame! Would have been good to have seen you!



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  2. 7 hours ago, Broad Norfolk said:

    This still bugs me to a certain extent. The recovery of views and zooms up to the end of August produced a lot of missing data which improved my statistics although, to be fair, not quite to where they were in previous months. Since the 1st September my views have recovered slightly but still down a touch but absolutely no zooms for which I expect an average of one per day based on past experience. CTR is starting to drop like a stone. Has anybody else noticed this or am I just being paranoid? My suspicions remain that this is still not performing correctly.

    Jim 😐   

    From today's measures data I agree it may still not be working properly



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  3. Just now, John Mitchell said:

    Has anyone figured out what the 1000 year duration included recently in some licensing terms is all about? I guess it makes a bit more sense than "in perpetuity.' However, we'll all be gone by then, perhaps even the whole human race except for billionaires who could afford to escape to Mars before Earth boiled over.  👨‍🚀

    Rather silly I think. Maybe a misprunt??



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  4. Hi Phil,


    I have had the R5 for a few months now - I haven't noted this problem, but I almost exclusively use EFCS or Electronic shutter.


    I have joined a few FB Canon R5 and R6 groups, if you were to post your question on there I am sure you will get useful answers!. 








    The first is probably the best and most active though it is mainly american users.



  5. Has anyone else noticed their measures information being much less than "normal" over the last 10 days or so? Since COVID my average daily views have been 1200-1400, and 8-12 zooms, but in the last 10 days or so both figures have been roughly half of those (and consequently CTR hasn't changed significantly)


    I originally wondered if it was due to August holidays, but it seems rather more significant than that. 


    I wonder if Measures is partially broken?


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