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  1. This maybe something everyone was already aware of, so my apologies if it's wasting your time! However I have only recently realised it, and it can be quite helpful. There seem to be two main ways of seeing our own images on Alamy. The first is to go into your dashboard, click on the magnifying glass in the search box, making sure the box is empty, and then on the next page, click on Advanced search and type your pseudonym into the contributor name box. This brings up all the images on sale under that pseudonym, with the most RECENTLY UPLOADED images appearing at the top of the sc
  2. A $350 gross sale for TV yesterday. Pleased. Makes a change! Kumar
  3. Agree with Meanderingemu, the video is quite good, so long as lots of the right people get to see it. . And Alamy does need to increase/improve it's advertising given the competition. And I guess the green is "eyecatching" even if not necessarily in a good way... Frankly I feel to me it's acceptable so long as it achieves it's purpose - ie. increase sales. Let's just hope the search engine survives any changes intact. That's the much more important result of these changes for me. Kumar
  4. Congrats on your win Abiyoyo, and great subject for this month's challenge! Here are my three: 1. Norwich market on an autumn evening: 2. Ecuadorian women in traditional costume buying/selling goods at the local market: 3. Scene in traditional village market, Myanmar, Asia: Kumar
  5. No rope, no insurance, but I did then join her for the (amazing) view!
  6. My better half at Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls; to Japan for TV but for a measly low$$ - unusually low for this type of use Kumar
  7. I gather that, sadly, Colblimp (Andy Gibson) has left the forum. A regular contributor of succinct comments and sometimes pithy remarks, and also excellent photography, particularly to Alamy News, he will be missed. Kumar
  8. Interesting - I am on chrome as well and don't get any alerts when visiting Ian's link, - Maybe your end Harry? Kumar
  9. 56 licences for $1056 gross Not as good as average; only one $$$ sale, a $128 sale to Japan for TV use. 190 zooms, CTR 0.77 Views 24,200, still very much down on pre-covid levels Kumar
  10. My guess is that Measures has not been working properly for a long time, and hopefully Alamy are going to try and put in a proper fix, as well as probably some further changes to the search engine. I would prefer it if they took their time and did it properly rather than further "quick fixes" which then have further problems. Personally I find Measures very helpful in terms of keywording and managing my portfolio so I hope they sort it and keep it. Kumar
  11. Not only are Measures still playing up, but simple keyword searches of the database are sometimes taking much longer than normal, which is more concerning as that could affect sales. Kumar
  12. I have had one of those today also; not such a large amount involved, but seems unfair. I think this is something that Alamy should address. Kumar
  13. Well three of us met up - Myself, Andy (Colblimp) and Paul (- Lawrensonphoto, I think!!). Was well worth going -- much less crowded than a couple of years ago so easier to get to try some of the new equipment, and reasonably COVID secure - Had a good chat over a long coffee. Good to see the others! Kumar
  14. I still am getting rather fewer views than is normal, zooms are down proportionally by the same amount so CTR is maintained. Sales are average I am pleased to say, so its not affecting them, but I still think Measures is not back to normal yet Kumar
  15. Low $$$ to Japan for TV use "Long-necked" women of the Karan tribe, Myanmar Kumar
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