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  1. Hi Kathy; Since 1st Dec 2020 I have had in total 70 sales, of which 13 were distributor. The gross values for these 13 were as follows (highest to lowest): $70 $63 $52 $46 $30 $27 $15 $15 $11 $5 $3 $3 $3 All my images are exclusive to Alamy - I think that means that from distributor sales I get about 33% or thereabouts, but as you can see, some of them are (for these days) reasonable fees (In this period I have had no $$$ sales of any kind), and given the numbers also, I am happy to cont
  2. My average for the 661 sales in 2020 was $28. (and that included one sale for $2200 !!) Kumar
  3. Thanks Cal - not sure of their name but yes, I was a few steps up from the street. Needed quite a bit of work in to get the neon signs to the right level of exposure. Kumar
  4. Quite pleased with this sale; A reminder of happier times! Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1/2 pageStart: 06 January 2021End: 06 January 2026 High $$ Kumar
  5. I wonder if it's something Alamy themselves could advise you about - I would have thought they would be keen to help?! Kumar
  6. First sale of the new year (or new decade?) Siena, late afternoon, from a distance, Tuscany, Italy, for low $$ Kumar
  7. Great set of finalists - very difficult to choose! Kumar
  8. About 1400 in 2020 c/w about 1900 in 2019 - In fact more in 2020 than I had thought till I counted! Kumar
  9. An end to a fairly appalling year - good riddance 2020! 661 sales (2019: 858); $18,524 gross (2019: $23,817) Best year for sales and income was 2016 with 858 sales and $27,798) Views also down - 2020: 314,000, 2019: 429,000, as were zooms, 2020: 2231; 2019: 2823 Mainly I think due to 1. COVID; 2. Most of my portfolio are travel images and 3. Relatively few images uploaded this year (1,500) Two positives: June 2020 saw my highest ever gross sale at $2,200 which cleared very quickly, and June also saw the highest number of zooms in one day (3
  10. Lousy for me. 39 sales for $661 gross. Thats the lowest number of monthly sales since Sept 2014, and the lowest monthly gross since August 2010. Views were 19,800 and zooms 119 (both the lowest since Feb 2016) No sales in $$$ range, Kumar
  11. Merry Christmas to all at Alamy, and to all on the Forum! Have as good a time as you are able but above all, keep safe. Kumar
  12. Thanks Alamy. I thought the audio and video quality were pretty good! I remember when James West did a video dressed in rather everyday clothing people moaned about that looking unprofessional. Now still people are moaning about what I thought was a very professional production given the circumstances with COVID that we are all going through. I do feel that Alamy needs to increase its advertising of itself, and maybe with the resources of PA Media behind them they now will be able to do this more effectively than in the past. I am pleased to hear about the increased imp
  13. Thanks for the topic! Very good! Here are mine: 1. Ducks limbering up for a charity duck race: 2. Sailboats in a line, East Head, Chichester, Sussex 3. Fobidden acitivities sign, Uxmal, Mexico (Some of the signs are quite funny!!) Kumar
  14. Tourists walking on Chinese Hat Island, part of the Galapagos Islands. Editorial to UK Newspaper - inside and on-live, low $$ Kumar
  15. "So long as you have annotated that the image contains people/property, and that there are no releases, the onus will be on the customer to clear the image for commercial use if that was what they wanted to use it for." This is a quote from the original Alamy advice as quoted by Shergar above (thanks for that) The only problem with this is that people who are trying to sue tend to employ a "spatter gun" approach, in the hope of spreading the net far and wide. What Alamy's advice is suggesting is that if the image is annotated correctly, and then used inappropriately, th
  16. Glenn, Really sorry to hear this is happening to you. I had some worries about this about 7-8 years ago. Can I recommend you get hold of this book? "Legal Handbook for Photographers". by Bert P. Krages . It is an american book. Krages is "an attorney who specializes in intellectual property matters, and is nationally recognized as a public advocate for the rights of photographers to document what they see in public places." (taken verbatim from the "About the author". He also used to be a stock photographer. I have the 3rd edition, pu
  17. Apparently both normally carry epipens. I don't think we know what type of allergy they have, but at the moment at least, all people with a record of very severe allergic reactions have been advised not to have the Pfizer vaccine (at least in the UK) Kumar
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