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  1. But TBH, all advice here is good - Most likely a strain of the muscles around the shoulder joint; Rest it; ice/frozen peas good; topical anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, or, better but more expensive, diclofenac (voltarol)), and if not settling after a week to 10 days, see GP for possible injection or some physio. Frozen shoulders, where the range of movement is severely reduced in all directions by pain are more difficult and can take a long time to heal, though they will eventually. Thats all I can remember Kumar
  2. Thanks Steve - delighted with that spot! Been one of my ambitions to get a photo in "Country Walking" - only taken me 15 years!! πŸ˜‚ Kumar
  3. My second and third entries (Urban this time!!) My daughter standing on an escalator, reflected in a second escalator; marina Mall, Dubai Ghent, Belgium on a winters morning Kumar
  4. Congratulations on your win Ognyan! Just noticed that the title of the competition is "Attention to the Reflection (Urban), but it didn't mention Urban in the instructions, so I will submit another two in a couple of days! Apologies! 1. Reflection of a neon Stars & Stripes sign in a yellow cab windows, New York City, USA Kumar
  5. So today Measures is working fine, but I cant see a summary of my sales so far this month.... Kumar
  6. Now its not working again - to be honest it's been so flaky recently I wonder how much trust we can put in it?- I mean, I think when we do see the results we may be seeing the truth but not the whole truth as it were? I would be interested to hear d=from Alamy on the current state of measures Kumar
  7. Yup - thats quite like me too - people person but happy in my own space when doing the computer stuff. Always try and have people in my images if possible and happier in a city than the countryside as far as stock-photography is concerned. First SLR was a Zenit-E in 1975; started contributing to stock 2004; now 62 going on 45 . πŸ˜‰ Kumar
  8. Cant make it I am afraid Allan - am in Reading that day! Enjoy! Kumar
  9. Just read this thread. Awful news - so very sorry to hear this. Condolences to Keith’s family. A very sad day for the Alamy community also. 😟😟😟
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