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  1. I still am getting rather fewer views than is normal, zooms are down proportionally by the same amount so CTR is maintained. Sales are average I am pleased to say, so its not affecting them, but I still think Measures is not back to normal yet Kumar
  2. Low $$$ to Japan for TV use "Long-necked" women of the Karan tribe, Myanmar Kumar
  3. I have been noticing a few more $$$ sales coming through.... Kumar
  4. Congrats to the finalists - and I like Alan’s decision to add a line of explanation for the choices made Kumar
  5. Yup - certainly I am now showing about 5000 more views and 50 more zooms for august than I was showing earlier this month. Looks like there was a problem and it has been fixed, hopefully. Thanks Alamy kumar
  6. Hi Phil, I have had the R5 for a few months now - I haven't noted this problem, but I almost exclusively use EFCS or Electronic shutter. I have joined a few FB Canon R5 and R6 groups, if you were to post your question on there I am sure you will get useful answers!. https://www.facebook.com/groups/canonr5/?multi_permalinks=546277626579596 https://www.facebook.com/groups/canonr5shooters/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1147128648982709/ The first is probably the best and most active though it is mainly american users.
  7. I am hoping it's because Alamy have recognised there is a problem and are trying to fix it! Kumar
  8. I have to up my game to keep ahead of you!! Looking forward to seeing you at the Photography Show Kumar
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