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  1. During arrival at Tel Aviv Airport it can be that you're pre-checked for Security before reaching the boarder entry desk. They asking you what you're doing in Israel, your place to stay and something more. For your departure you should check in earlier than at other Airports. Lot of questioning and Security screenings. Avoid to take big batteries like the Quantum-stuff or similar with your hand-luggage. There's a good chance that you undergo an intense security monitoring and that you have to pull out every piece of equipment for an intense hand-control. It can be that part of your equipments which "look" suspious are blocked to travel in your hand-luggage. They keep it for a couple of days in Israel and will manually check it. Once everything is fine the Battery for instance will be send to you home location by another plane as regular freight.


    I have "experienced" this more than twice personally in TV.


    On the other side I had never any bad experience with photographing locals, jews, arabs or whatever. I've been also to Ramallah which is a totally different part. Don't take photographs at checkpoints and have always an "eye on the street", be careful in some parts of the Old Town and surrounding areas. No pictures are allowed inside Yad Vashem.

  2. Payments from Alamy must be declared as a "Zusammenfassende Meldung" in your annual tax declaration. In this form you have to fill in the Alamy VAT_ID: GB .....


    The payment itself must be in a seperate field in your tax declaration. Use "Anlage UR zur Umsatzsteuerklaerung". The Alamy amount should be filled into field "721" which is called "Nicht steuerbare sonstige Leistungen....". "Zusammenfassende Meldung" and "Anlage UR.." must have the same amount.

  3. I do not want to take any advantage gained by this type of promotion for now and ever. I would like to have my collection complety removed from this type of "promos" if I'm being involved in financing it. I gave Alamy at the beginning of 2013 another 10%+ share. I cannot fund their "promos".


    I asked for some explanation, would be great to get one from Alamy. Thanks very much.

  4. I've the same problem with my different subjects but with one Pseudonym. I cannot link from my personal Homepage, sub-page "travel", just to my Alamy travel images. I.e.: "myname+travel" does not work anymore. That is really not helpful. It has worked for a long time without any problems and has forwarded visitors of my personal photographer-homepage directly to my Alamy Travel-images portfolio.


    Would be great if Alamy finds a solution other then linking to an entire collection with different subjects or to force the Visitor to use the Advanced Search box.


    Many thanks.

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