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  1. So all you QC moaners think YOU'VE got problems! I've been with Alamy since Feb 2001, until 2012 a 97% pass rate. Since Feb this year, 7 successive fails, total of about 143 days in the bin. Is this a record?!! Still selling OK, but workflow came to a complete stop. Finally got to talk to someone. Told that anything taken with the canon 7D stopped down under about f11 will probably be failed for "soft". So uploaded a batch of 109 images taken with the older 5D, which doesn't self-clean the sensor. Was eventually given a "partial", 2 out of these 109 with "dust" marks, so difficult to see as to be almost invisible. Recent 5D batch again in the bin, no doubt again with "dust", in spite of umpteen sky scrolls to eliminate. The lesson? Once you have "form" getting out of the bin becomes almost impossible.
  2. QC Conundrum. Any clues anyone? I now have a 100% failure rate since February (4 out of 4), with a likely 5th, languishing since 21st. Serves him right, you'll say. Useless beginner, should learn his trade. OK, so let's look at the plus side. Been earning money from stock since the early 1970s, Alamy since 2001, told I'm in the "top 500" of Alamy sellers, which puts me in about the top 2%. March sales $1211 gross, April to date $1353 gross. But now in danger of having my "account terminated for 6 months", as the agreement says, for inability to pass QC. So what's happened? Well, the problems started when I bought a new Canon 7D. Until then I'd got some 8,000 images through with barely a quibble. When the 7D started showing up the reds, I sent it back to Canon for calibration. Still the reds came creeping in. And got worse. Now the QC microscope is so focussed I can't see where the fault lies. All they say is "Image soft...soft...soft". So I went back to my tried and trusted 5D, which has NEVER had a failiure. Again no good. Once you have a criminal record, there's no way out. So it looks like adios, folks. Seems a pity as it's people like me who keep Alamy in business. Rolf Richardson
  3. QC has got MUCH stricter, no question. So all you nervous QC-ers are not the only ones. My first submission was in 2001 and for years passing QC was no problem, but recently I seem to have spent most of my time in the sin bin (where I now languish!), even though I'm now paranoid about quality. Usually my sin is "soft" images, which frankly I can't see (I've got excellent eyesight!). Once in the bin, you have "form" and getting out is a hell of a problem. I've got 9136 images in the bag, good equipment, and Alamy tell me I'm in the top 1% of their sellers, but I'll probably soon get the chop for too many failures. In the old days, when snaps fetched real money, QC was a doddle, but now that you only get peanuts, QC is suddenly ferocious. Funny old world. With hindsight, Alamy should have edited for content, like everyone else, but too late for that now. Any Alamy offering beyond the first two or three pages is rubbish: unsaleable. They've unleashed a beast they can no longer control. rolfrich@aol.com
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