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  1. Hi Arvy, some nice shots but cropped too tight sometimes eg. the beach scenes in Bridport. Also I would include the keywords "Sea, sea-side, seaside, coast and English Channel", keywords are sooo important! Good luck, David
  2. Could this problem have anything to do with the security issue affecting 500px since Feb. 8th? Just wondering !
  3. 7 this month, 5 sales on Monday and 2 a week earlier, things are looking good!
  4. Welcome to the forum Young, you have missed a lot of fun over the years, lots of good tips also! Don't be afraid to ask if you have a problem, there is usually someone willing to help. They are a good bunch of people here! David
  5. Well done John, nice work, from someone in a similar situation, but still using a Nikon DSLR!
  6. Thanks Bryan, Martin and Betty, that's what I was looking for! Thanks also to everyone for your help, keywording should be quicker and easier in the future! David Davies
  7. I just meant physically selecting the words from a list, ..............not intending to diss-engage my brain quite yet! I am off to give my brain a rest now!
  8. I have just spent a long time (yawn) selecting keywords for some new images and was wondering if there is an easier way to select them. I use the microstock keyword tool but cannot always find the required words or phrases! Was just wondering if there is a way to create a list to choose from, i.e. with a click!
  9. To get back to the original point, I would like to mention that Jan. was a better than average month for me, with 5 sales, four of which were $100+ and the fifth not far off. My enthusiasm has been re-awakened!
  10. I had 4 sales for $426, things seem to be improving!
  11. My first sale of the year, and probably my oldest image with Alamy,....... from 1975 or maybe a few years earlier! Trafalgar Square, London, UK.
  12. Nothing at all,.... not a sausage,... nowt! Just as things were starting to look up as I had 8 sales in October, to a number of clients. Oh well, shall have to put that new camera on hold.
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