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  1. As many here have pointed out already, I was very disappointed to read the sections of the terms and conditions that relate to what Photocrowd can do with my content. In entering contests on Photocrowd I'm granting a "non-exclusive, transferrable, fully paid, worldwide licence (with the right to sub-licence)" which allows Photocrowd to "to distribute and redistribute your content to other parties, websites, applications, and other entities…" Frankly this sounds like a mess and there is no way I want my images embroiled in a web of sub-licencing or redistribution. In the event of monetary gain I dread to think what they would deem to be "an acceptable share of revenue". Why can't websites like this, whether they are contests or merely showcases, simply let us photographers submit our images and promise to do nothing with them? In the event that they want to use an image for something, just get in touch and ask! When a photography website comes along that offers terms that are in a photographer's interests it will be well worth celebrating. Despite Photocrowd's good intentions their website is not it. I have deleted my account.
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