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  1. I've had two items come to a sticky end: a hi-fi remote control and the handle of an expensive hair drier. Can do nothing for the former but I cleaned off the tacky coating from the hair drier using (if I remember correctly) acetone. It stripped the sticky black coating back to a harder black plastic but it was a fumy, messy job; best done outside. Acetone will damage quite a few plastics and paint finishes so I advise caution. Isopropyl alcohol is probably safer.
  2. Full Welsh? June 2012, Brecon, Powys, Wales. Unhealthy, cheap, therefore delicious! Long way from Western Australia to go back for another but at least I have the photo to salivate over.
  3. Most displays, with the exception of Apple's Retina Display, show images at 72 dpi, so there really isn't much reason to use a higher res image. Larger images will sometimes scroll off the screen when viewed with a smaller display. One solution is to use a full screen image and set the browser to auto-resize for a percentage of the screen. It doesn't always look as good as the native size and Image quality will probably vary from one browser to another. I thought it was purely pixel dimensions (e.g., 600 pixels x 400 pixels), not resolution (e.g., 200 pixels per inch), which pertinent to
  4. I'd be interested to know the answer to your question: my wife was thinking of buying said model.
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