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  1. Thanks Betty, I have a strong suspicion that It's a case of why make something simple when for a little extra effort it can be made complicated. Or is it just me !! Thanks again
  2. Having been out of circulation for several weeks I'm now trying to get my head around the new IM procedure. Am I correct in assuming that once a set of submittals has passed QC it is then automatically put on sale/ As for tags and supertags I can't get my head around these. As far as I am concerned a keyword is a keyword, end. If the new system means that we no longer have to go through all of the acceptances and do a lot of work which has already been done that's great. I am informed that the majority of my images have a low level of searchability. WTF is all that about. Finally
  3. I am having trouble logging on to members services in order to send am e-mail. Have Alamy changed the system in some way? I key in my normal log on pass word which it then rejects, Any ideas please.
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