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  1. Alamy announced on Twitter that the new tools are coming soon and I had this response regarding the timeframe: @adamseward no specific time frame yet, but you should receive the new tools soon so keep your eyes peeled! So I guess they'll be ready when they're ready! Better get it right than rush it out too quickly. Adam
  2. I don't submit to micros. Cheers, Philippe Why not? I hear some photographers are making money there. In addition Phillipe, I don’t think Alee is trying to prove anything. Alee just lacks your vast esoteric knowledge of keywording that lands arterra images on the last page of the search. Alee do not be discouraged by anything you read posted by arterra. Keep asking questions. Whoa. I don't give red arrows but I'm very tempted. Philippe pointed out an image that did NOT contain many of the things that are in the keywords. That doesn't take esoteric knowledge. He can
  3. I have a ColorMunki Smile and find it does the job well. I use it on a HP Zbook laptop and Dell U2410 external monitor. Although you can't customize it, I've found that the prints do come out the way they look on the screen, so that's good enough for me. One thing I found was that if using it to calibrate two monitors, you should have both of them on at the same time and calibrate one and then the other (the software will detect that you have two and will guide you through it). Before doing it like this I found that the computer could lose the calibrated profile for one screen. Adam
  4. You're welcome. It's a tricky one but it was interesting for me to see the results of those calculations earlier. Of course it's possible that my RF images might just be better than my RM ones!
  5. I have 4 x as many images on sale as RM than RF. My gross sale amount for all RM images is, however, only 2 x that of my RF collection. Looking at that, I might have to consider setting more images as RF in future...
  6. That's my understanding John. If the effect is clearly visible in the 1300px preview you should be OK (but not promising ) Don't even need to compare if that is the case, it is to avoid the client finding an image is not as sharp as they expected. Most similar shots on Alamy seem to have the hand and/or pen in focus. Hence my concern. Hi John, The fact that most similar shots are different to yours would be a good reason to submit them in my opinion. Hard to say without seeing the shots but I think QC would get what you are aiming for.
  7. Two sales for gross total $117 - better than last January's zero!
  8. Just caught up with this. If I was a supporter of PETA (I'm not but I do agree with the cause of fighting animal abuse), I would seriously question whether I continue to do so if this is how they spend their time. David Slater is a photographer who clearly cares about animals and the environment and an odd choice of target.
  9. +1 Thanks a lot Paulette for finding that out and sharing here Adam
  10. Nothing at all and it's been a very poor year for sales for me. A load of zooms popped in at the end of the month though so maybe it'll pick up...
  11. No, only if you were to change the keywords of a batch in one go. Changing the pseudo of a batch is fine (I did it recently). Edit: replied at same time as Niels ^^ Adam
  12. As far as I understand it Betty, you would overwrite the whole field - so you would lose all the keywords already there. Edit: for the particular keyword field only (e.g. only main keywords if that's what you were updating). Adam
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