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  1. Thank you Michael Yes a 27" will be a must for me I struggle with small screens and I like the idea of multiple windows open. Kind Regards Jim
  2. Thanks again MDM. My you are not kidding when you say PS is a memory-hungry hog I feel like taking one of my afternoon naps whilst waiting for my old memory poor Dell take up the challenge I have some times set it, so yes Ram will defiantly be at the top of my shopping list. Kind Regards Jim
  3. Thank you Mark I have checked out the book OS X Yosemite for Dummies on Amazon and it gets some very good reviews not a bad price either I will definitely order that. I am sure that the forums you mention are great as a source of help to, As this forum has proven to be. I have been overwhelmed by the response to my request for advice here. Considering that I was a little nervous about asking the question I have had a marvelous response from everyone. All the comments here have been extremely helpful both the pros and the cons they have all helped me to make a better informed decision. K
  4. That looks very interesting MDM I will check it out later Thank you so much for the reply and the link I am most grateful to you. Kind Regards Jim
  5. Thank you for the links Ann I will take a look properly later I am grateful for your taking the time to reply Kind Regards Jim
  6. Thank you Geoff. You point of view on the pros and cons are most welcome and helpful thank you for taking time out to reply. Kind Regards Jim
  7. Thank you Marianne. ​I very much appreciate your taking the time to offer your very helpful advice Kind Regards Jim
  8. Thank you for your reply Paulette it's most appreciated Love your wildlife images by the way they a lovely Kind regards Jim Thank you for your appreciation of my beloved wild creatures. If you belong to a photography organization you may be able to get a bit of a discount on the price. I bought mine through PPA here in the US and I was able to get better features that way than I could get in the store. I'd give you details but all the technical stuff seems to seep right out of my brain. Faster, stronger, better--...whatever. Paulette Sadly I don't belong to a photography o
  9. Not inappropriate at all. I've been through exactly the same problems with Windows 10 and have given up on it. I'm responsible for 3 computers. Two of them I reverted back to Windows 7 SP1, disabled all updates, installed a free virus checker and set the email and web browser to run in a Sandbox (Sandboxie) to stop any viruses that might get past the virus checker from attacking the computer. Both those machines now run beautifully. Cold boot in 15 seconds, and no danger of those damned updates. However for my main computer, where I do all my photography stuff using LR4 and PSE, I swapped
  10. Can I just take this opportunity to thank everyone who has replied to my request for advice it has been very informative and helpful I am most grateful to you all Kind Regards Jim
  11. Thank You FD I am most grateful for your time I will most definitely go and try before I buy at least that way I will get a feel for it. What has been most helpful here is that everyone that has taken the time to give their insight has helped me to build up a picture in my minds eye so that when I do go to the apple store I will be able ask relevant questions based on the kind of information that you wonderful people have given to me so thank you once again for taking the time to reply I am most grateful Kind Regards Jim
  12. Thank you Colin Nice to hear the negative as well as the positive it's helpful I take your point re cost of building a PC with similar specs As for those people who build their own mega PCs I take my hat off to them However for me its a bit like my car I know how to get in switch the engine on and drive after that not a clue thank you for all the helpful information Colin I am most grateful for you taking the time to reply. Kind Regards Jim
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