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  1. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Following the local media is an excellent source for stories. Case in point... I have just returned from one story I found out about fifteen minutes before I got there thanks to a tweet from the local TV station. Whilst out I popped around to a nearby toko to buy some agar-agar I wanted for another photo idea... and bumped into another news story in front of the shop.
  2. Instagram style

    Someone recently asked what Instagram style meant:
  3. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    Thumbs up to the Alamy statement.
  4. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    It seems they were planning a piece anyway. The title more or less says it all "The GDPR and photography - uncertainty wins" Key points - the law says that putting someone in picture equals personal data. Personal data equals a requirement for permission, but try that for a street scene. In Malta the privacy autorities suggested blurring all faces of those in scene. In the lower house of parliament it was established that it would be impossible to identify all passers by and it is the question whether or not the GDPR is applicable. A question which will probably be decided in the court rooms. The upper house expressed concern that the law is to be established through expensive juriprudence but that doesn;t seem to have lead to amendments. In short - it is a potential minefield. Many cases in the past years in which the subject was clearly identifiable could very easily have a different outcome under the new law. In this piece which is referred to it is mentioned that photographers can process personal data (ie photos of people) if there is talk of journalistic purposes or artistic expression. i.e freedom of speech. However according to the GDPR each country has to put an exception for this in to the law. Then it is the question which countries do and which dont. As an aside - whilst this article is not an answer to the question - because there is no answer at the moment - it is a piece made from a professional organisation with a judicial team back up. i.e. another good reason to pay for membership of such organisations.
  5. What have we learned about stock?

    I have learnt that procrastination is not a good earner.
  6. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    My zooms are way down the last two months, and I have hardly sold a thing this month, yet submissions are up. So, no correlation with your supposition. With the World Cup next month I had sort of hoped the opposite... but more a hope than based on past experiance.
  7. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    I've just seen on a piece on eenvandaag that most the bobo's and obliged invitee's I have mentioned aren't to be there but there will be a modest 6-700 guests.
  8. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Yes... good tip. I have seen colleagues with similar which fitted in the laptop compartment of their rucksack when folded down.
  9. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    I find step ladders can be useful but also a pain in the backside if you dont need it or aren;t allowed. Not to forget that there could people behind you who want to see too. I always have the option that I can just lock it up with my bike if I dont need it. It might be an idea just to play it by ear if you are in the vicinity anyway. A chum of mine was going to watch the Olympic cycling from home even though he lived close to the course. He decided to pop down anyway and found that most people had been scared away by the promise of huge crowds. He arrived 1/2 hour before the cyclists were due to pass and had a place right on the railings. There'll be plenty of other photo opportunities rather than the couple, photographers up trees, Union jack clad grannies, security arrangements. It could be that there is more money to be made from the other guests. Every wedding has people who are obliged to be invited, and this one will have that in the extreme. Heads of State, Royals from around the world, chiefs of staff, the cabinet, leaders of opposition, first ministers, charity bosses, CEO's of business, religious leaders, Meghans Hollywood chums. All of which have to stay somewhere, arrive and leave somewhere. I have one royal event per year which I do as a matter of course, the Kings new years reception and I never get photos of the royals, but of the guests.
  10. Images sold in May (one per day per contributor)

    Theatres? Seems to be a common thread with those reported here and mine. I did a wee image search with mine but no joy. Usage must be fairly recent as I only took the shot a couple of months ago.
  11. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    I dont find these sort of events much fun to do... and I am not particularly royal minded... but, for some reason there is a lot of interest in Royalty which equals sales. There are plenty of opportunities of getting photos of royals, but only one to get them on the day itself. For this shot, I got up at five in the morning and stood for five-six hours waiting. Note the oranges decorating the balcony - for the House of Orange. I dont normally brag about my own work, but I love the way I captured them waving in unison. Not quite a cash cow yet, but I have made quite few sales. And my spot in the public was a lot better than my accredited colleagues in the press pen. I have far more sales of Royals turning up the night before outside one of the hotels. Paparazzi stuff, so not my comfort zone... but these people are and will be in the news for a long time. For example a shot of the Crown prince of Thailand waving at me (he didn't half give a filthy look when I called out) which didn;t sell at the time. But when his father passed away (coincidently that day I arrived in Thailand) and he was due to be King the sales through one of my agents increased greatly. Its good stock you have only one chance to get. The costs of covering the event equaled the price of a falaffel.
  12. Certain rules for some?

    I think I read somewhere that they were stopping with their marketplace after the take over by VCG...which also owns a number of agencies which had images on Alamy but which were pulled ... so maybe the past can predict the future.
  13. News rejections

    That's as may be. But if you look at a couple of the most successful news sellers on Alamy, in Seaton Carew, in Aberystwyth, in Penzance, they have a lot of news sales of the sun rising or the sun setting and very often with human interest. Card carrying (I carry a few too) opinions or not, for some reason the British press thinks it is news. From past experiance I know that the news team will prioritise a British sunset over anything I send them from here in Holland... because that's where the money is for their market.
  14. News rejections

    It can be frustrating. I can give examples where the story I have provided has been front page news here in Holland with similar images I have sent to the news desk who removed them for being not news. I have learned over the years to hedge my bets by making sure that if I invest time and effort in to a news story that I ensure is more than one possibility in getting a return. Then if X doesn't run with it then Y might and if they dont then Z will sell. The less number of sales possibilities the more cynical I am about covering. Those sales possibilities dont necessarily just include news, but covering events may get deliver possibilties for getting additional stock shots, or clips, or idea's for POD's, or , or, or... Or... if you have to get up early to take the dog for a walk anyway and you can get some shots of the sun rising on the shore with some human interest... it costs little effort... and you had a nice walk. Either way risk is mitigated and the disappointment shrugged off.
  15. Contributors playing the Live News system?

    In the past when I sent a couple of different stories with different headlines in the same batch they would be separated out. More recently (today and last week) they are just getting lumped together on the live news page. To be honest, I have the feeling that the vast majority of people looking at the live news page are contributors checking to see if their images have got through OK, so I am not going to loose any sleep over it either way. As for gaming the system. I think more often than not it is a genuine mistake or other circumstances are at play. I know I have found myself in the middle of the stadium holding my laptop high above my head sending images one by one because the connection was so dodgy. One premier league club once had such a bad connection that you would see photographers hanging around outside one of the houses opposite the stadium because the owner of the house had neglected to put a code word on his household wifi.