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  1. Commission change - James West comments

    And... For Alamy one image sold for $100 or 100 for $1 may not make a lot of difference to the work and investment involved. For the producer it makes a huge difference if they are producing one or 100.
  2. Commission change - James West comments

    edit sorry... didn;t read the "from Alamy" part
  3. Tier 1 fees
  4. Commission change - James West comments

    Quite... and there is the challenge also of those who continue with sub-distribution. Photographer A in country B supplies agency C who sub-distributes to agency D in country E. Photographer A doesn't get much but hey! its better than nothing. Photographer F in country E supplies agency D who sub-distributes to agency C in country B. Photographer F doesn't get much but hey! its better than nothing. Those who happily took a few bob from sub-distribution to the likes the Czech Republic are now finding its a two way street. At my union meetings I have colleagues who complain steen en been about non-Dutch photographers dumping, whilst at the same time letting their agents dump to the likes of this platform. For the platforms its not a problem, they get together at their CEPIC meetings, have a laugh at the expense of their suppliers, and sub-sub-sub distribute to the point where the supplier gets nothing but a bad feeling.
  5. Define Alamy

    A well-spoken bloke in an Oxfordshire broom cupboard (minus Gordon the gopher) with a cheap "Live" sign being recorded for 13 minutes telling his suppliers really bad news ... and expecting the suppliers to take it on the chin.... The video itself seems like a good metaphor to define Alamy at the moment.
  6. Commission structure single thread

    One of the challenges with a co-op is that you need photographers to co-operate. Which as this thread shows is like the proverbial herding of cats. However I do feel there is a tipping point been reached where more and more are realising that if we dont co-operate in some way we are stuffed. Not just from this announcement but there have been a number of negative announcements recently. One of the positive things about the union meetings I have been attending of late is the number of shooters present, many of which I really didn't anticipate being there. I would urge colleagues here to join professional organisations, get together and speak to each other face to face to try and find common ground to go forwards. Not what Alamy should do, over that we have little control, but what we should do. I can really see many getting together and pitching in to a website which showcases their speciality. There are options to do that, and options which feed through to larger sales venues but if I mention them this will be deleted. I have mentioned it before on another thread, but there could just be gentlemans agreements... a number of the lads at home in Amsterdam have more or less come to the conclusion amongst themselves not to supply agencies with their (news) images. Take them out of the equation, Henk and Ries follow suit, Truus too... even in the capital of the country there aren;t as many of us covering news events as one might anticipate. I would also urge colleagues to value their work. I am seeing contradictory comments here... on the one side some are saying that their work is unique, whilst at the same time they are saying that for them there are 1000 others. Yes, there are lots of images... but not like yours. Jeff G has an uncanny ability to get members of the public to smile at him, Richard B has had prize winners in the World Press Photo that my Mum can recall 20 years later, Ian M has coverage of Suffolk like no other, Bettina has brilliant theater images I am jealous of, others can document UK rural poverty, other bring a fresh vantage point. And if you are taking images that 1000 others have, then maybe its time to look at that and change, it could work out more satisfying than adding to the thousands of images of the UK supermarkets which sell for a habbekrats, for nothing.
  7. Commission change - James West comments

    With regards the publishers having hard times. It may be different in different countries... but the publishers in Holland are reporting very healthy profits. Two of the top three highest paid CEO's on the Amsterdam Dutch stock exchange work for publishers, RELX and Wolters Kluwer. Sanoma, Persgroep, all claiming poverty. News international is not poor. The owners of many UK newspaper groups own islands, megayachts. Many have chapters on their home page about corporate responsibility and at the same time squeezing suppliers to the point that it is no longer worth supplying.
  8. Commission change - James West comments

    Just another point on this. It takes some time before sales are reported. Sometimes 2-3 months. This means that many sales you are seeing used now, will be appearing on the sales report at the new rate.
  9. Commission change - James West comments

    You are offloading the risk onto the suppliers who can ill afford it. Since the last slashing of rates my gross income is 2/5ths of what it was. In the space of a few years. It has now balanced but only at the expense of a lot of work. My Alamy income is now reduced to the equivalent of ten hours a week at minimum wage. And being in a paid job there would be all sorts of extra's, things like a pension plan. Unfortunately I am now back in the UK due a sickness in the family. I was just talking to my Mum at breakfast about her income from her Avon round. Its a lot more than I get from Alamy. She is 81 and has in the last year been on chemo after a whipple operation for pancreatic cancer. Last year I did a cycle trip around the UK with Alamy in mind. The income so far from Alamy has netted me €1,46. This year I have stayed closer to home, Alamy income €2,10. The silly Brexit business has resulted in lower averages from sales to UK customers for me. We have no idea what will happen when you leave. Will the current tax treaties be in place? Will the exchange rate fall still further? All additional risks to supplying UK companies. You are cutting our income to expand abroad. Where, exactly? I already work in what you call abroad. The pricing situation is such that our union meetings are standing room only. How will you compete? On price? So there is a good chance that you want to compete with me, with my images at a lower price. One of my agents in another country contacted me recently saying they needed to to do x,y and z to compete with Getty. Getty lowers the prices and my income so they can compete with that agent. All you platforms (you are not agents any more) happily running each other into the ground to the point that the contributors are either living below the poverty line or live in countries where a little goes a long way or are hobbyists. I am baffled as to why you should imagine that someone in my position would continue to supply you.
  10. Commission change - James West comments

    With the risk that contributors who are seeing their Alamy income collapse consider Alamy "old stuff" and themselves go and do "new stuff" before they "get stuffed"
  11. Commission structure single thread

    Quite... it is a platform not an agency. ... I am a bit up in the air at the moment as I have other things on my mind... but... You may find that the words "fair trade" are copyright but the idea is somewhat akin to something I suggested to the union earlier this year. The Union. I have made a number of posts on the subject but do have the feeling that I am sometimes talking to myself. Due to developments in the market the union of which I am a member has started organising meetings and actions, lobbying and so on. There seems to have been a tipping point. At the meetings I am seeing people I would never have imagined seeing. Action is being mooted, action is being taken. Politicians are listening. One minister from the Dutch equivalent of the UK Conservative party even suggested a strike. Probably thinking that it wouldn't ever happen but still. There are alternatives, there are alternatives where you can decide the price. I mentioned a couple recently in one of our union meetings and someone asked me about my income from those alternatives. Not great... but no wonder if I am offering the same images for a small amount on I had already started removing some of my content from before this decision. Many here see no alternatives. Maybe its time to meet up with colleagues and see if you can create alternatives together? There are already meetups in certain places. How about forming a co-op with a photodeck or photoshelter account? Many cite the saturation. This is a somewhat bogus argument. For a lot of subjects there isn;t the coverage that many suppose. I mentioned in another thread that the coverage I see on Alamy for many subjects is now being taken over by archive public domain images. Even for news subjects. I covered one on Saturday. The photographers there who weren't from the organisation decided not to distribute via agencies. Not difficult when there is only one. But also possible when there are a few. Since the last slashing of commission I have really made an effort on making my business Alamy-proof. I would suggest others do the same.
  12. Commission structure single thread

    A recorded message with a sign "LIVE" behind the person being recorded. Irony? Taking the mick?
  13. How was your November?

    ...and a a little while later... the world has changed a tad... for a start I am in a different country. I was in the scheme for a while, then out, then back in. The main reason for going back in was in essence to "buy rank" by getting more sales quantity. I was still getting sales when out and getting more from them. The net income in or out I dont think made much difference. I have had a number of sales recently which were essentially Alamywhacks... it is doing no one any favours selling them for less than cost price. Which is not necessarily just a financial thing. Covering a soccer match takes about ten hours but may not cost me anything but overhead.
  14. How was your November?

    November was above average both in numbers and finance. With this month payment my total for 2018 will be uncannily similar to 2017, within a few Euros. That comes with a very large increase in quantity. The average price is very concerning. I dont think I can justify selling images to some of the UK's biggest publishers for the same amount as I get for an image of a talking courgette on a t-shirt. I opted out of the newspaper scheme yesterday. The prices dont cover my costs. I can make up the income with a few hours shelf stacking. With regards the above conversation it is often forgotten that Alamy's crowdsourcing non-editing policy had the same effect on many agencies as did micro on Alamy's pricing, unsplashed seems to be the latest chain in the blame game and the race to the bottom. In the mean time there is still unprecedented demand. We just have to look at our product, what we are shooting and how we put it on the market place. I think there is opportunity but I cant really complain about the prices I get if I place the images on platforms which sell for certain prices. In that one should look at the comparitive saturation of the subject. Alamy is morphing continually and if I look at some of my competition here in certain area's the images available are mainly public domain historical archive images... if I do the same search on micros then I see saturation of a different kind, people who have gone to town with the sliders creating Tellytubby land.