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  1. I'm a bit 'demoralized

    Do you have a strategy? (Apart from keeping uploading.) If not, you may find that by sitting down and developing a strategy you start to look at the market and your place within the market in a different way. One sees market strengths, and where the pitfalls are. In so doing you are doing market research, which could mean that there is last chance of disappointment. There is no one correct answer, it very much depends on your circumstances. For example, Wim and I live cycling distance from each other and yet we have very different strategies. Wim has a klein maar fijn, brief but brilliant portfolio. He does a lot of research and is fairly sure that all he uploads to Alamy will sell. On the contrary I am pretty sure much of mine wont, but have a different distribution network (albeit shrinking) which means I have mitigated my risk.
  2. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    I recall someone reporting something similar a few years ago somewhere on the South Downs. They were approached by a lady who asserted that it was her Alamy patch. It says something about the persons insecurities about their own work that they have to resort to such. I am often amazed at how you can be standing next to colleagues and yet still take completely different images. Different lenses, different cameras, and most importantly different eyes and minds. I could be standing next to one of the staffers at the Volkskrant and they'll have a prize winning shot whilst I was busy scratching my nose. An example... Bettina (Vpics) recently popped up for the Gay pride Canal parade. We spent most of the day shooting standing next to each other often pointing out things that the other may have missed. Whilst there are some similars there are a lot more dissimilars.
  3. It could possibly be that they were trying to establish jurisprudence. A decision at the highest level then trickles down to all jurisdictions whereas one at lower level regional or national court doesn;t necessarily trickle across.
  4. August Challenge - NEWS

    Soccer ball World Cup Final 2014 Mario Goetze scores the only goal of the game. A news subject since the day I took it. The empty space at the table at an EU ministers meeting. I had to run to get this shot... realising all the while that the lady I was chasing had just become the official fastest woman in Europe.
  5. Dry cleaning camera backpack.

    Many thanks for all of your answers. I received some upholstery cleaner free from a company I bought a sofa from in January so that will be my first try when I get back home next week.
  6. Dry cleaning camera backpack.

    One doesn;t tend to notice ones own smells... But I was just packing my camera backpack and .... phew, it whiffs. After cycling a gazzillion kilometers with it on my back, it really does stink. I am tempted just to throw it in the washing machine on a low temperature, but realise that could lead to me needing a new backpack. Does anyone have any tips? Dry cleaning? Get used to it? A bag of lavender?
  7. Selling in other websites

    That is what it is starting to look like. One of my agents disappeared just yesterday. Pfff... gone. There may be opportunities however. The chap/mogul behind the takeovers tried and failed to take over one of the largest newspaper concerns last year. It is a question whether that concern and others wants to be dependent for its images on an agency owned by the competition.
  8. Selling in other websites

    Other places other than the other place are available. In other places. Having said which, if the Dutch market at the moment is anything to go by. The other places other than the other place which are available in other places this week may disappear by next week as the other places other than the other place in other places are taken over by other places in other places making the other place the same place. In other places. Or not. Confused? Yep.
  9. Selling in other websites

    Yes you can... But... it may pay to take regard of pricing policies. There is some discussion in how much it happens, but for the more global sites it is believed that many customers compare to find the cheapest. You may want to try and avoid undercutting yourself with your own images. One agency where one can set your own prices recently contacted their contributors in this regard to suggest some correlation in the contributors pricing choices between that agency and the competitors. To my own surprise in my case it resulted in putting prices up, whilst I had considered them above the norm.
  10. Funny thing. On Saturday Bettina (Vpics) popped into town and we shot the Canal Parade together before having a drink or two. In the course of our conversation I mentioned that it might be worth getting a couple of more abstract shots which could maybe be used for commercial usages. And when I got home I saw that one of the images I was referring to from previous years had sold. Alas, not commercial, but still.
  11. AlamyPicNeeds again: Wisconsin's first expressway

    In the interests of balance... ... I have just had a sale of subject which I am pretty sure came from a keyworded term mentioned in a "picture need" I had not heard of before.
  12. Valencia, Spain?

    Just another point to take regard of... without wanting to discourage. Banking and other official business. When moving to another country banks and official institutions sometimes seem to contrive to put you into Kafkaesque catch 22 situations which can have you banging your head against the wall. For instance, banks want proof of residence before you open an account, landlords want proof of a local bank account before they rent. That is just a hypothetical example... but based on experiance.
  13. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Stromae has a word or two to say on the subject in his Racine Carree Montreal concert, its on youtube (can be seen via duckduckgo without advertising before.) 52 minutes in, a rant about Belgian Fries. Worth looking at anyway to see amongst other things the light design and graphics which accompany the concert.
  14. How was your July?

    A better month. Quantity the highest for the past year, helped by a few World Cup related sales. Income 4th highest. Someone mentioned that once you get a high number of images the peaks and troughs disappear. In the last year or so mine have reappeared.