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  1. Subscription Sales?

    I have just seen on my linkdin timeline that James A replied to concerns about item 9.1 that it applies to Novel Use Scheme which is optional. In his words, it's an "opt in" scheme - you are not automatically included.
  2. Duration and uses

    I wouldn;t bet on it. I recently queried an RM licence and it turned out that as I feared it was unlimited use for that publisher across all their publications. I.e. RF in all but name.
  3. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    When I moved back to Amsterdam I had a t-shirt made "Wanted : Accommodation, apply within" and then wore it everywhere. It elicited mostly laughter but did bring one possibility which didn;t quite work out, partially as I found somewhere else in the mean time. In some places you can put an ad on noticeboards in supermarkets.
  4. Changes to Alamy Contract

    Its true that many are (too) heavily invested that they feel they have little choice but to go along with whatever changes are made. Many annoyances are greeted with a facetious "dont slam the door when leaving" or a "go, more for me" from many colleague contributors, which therefore ignores the core of the problem. However the more we are sold short the more the mind gets concentrated. The realisation that I can replace my income at an agent with a few days labour at minimum wage is on the one side depressing, but on the other liberating. It also means that we stop doing work for which we see little or no recompense. Many do this without any doorslamming. The imbalance assumes a high degree of commoditisation of the product. Which there is if we go along with it. The question arises if we should then be creating less generic imagery and where we should be placing the images. BTW I am still paying this by ear having not received any notification of contract changes and not finding any reference to them on blog. And I am probably not alone in that. Are contract changes valid if one party isn't party to them?
  5. Credit and Copyright

    But you have to see them to recognise them.
  6. Credit and Copyright

    Being credited is one way of finding out whether you have been paid or not. Sometimes publishers "forget" to report their usages.
  7. A bit of a backlash

    I'll copy and paste this from another forum where (pricing) developments were being discussed with regards that agency. One mentioned that the way things have gone he saw no future in the stock image industry to which I replied... I know the feeling. There are however some who are taking actions. Here in Holland our journalists union has been lobbying and putting the subject of the price developments and the implications to journalistic pluraformity on the political agenda. One photojournalist is even starting a legal procedure aganst one newspaper group over their pricing policy He is effectively falling on his sword. All are agreed that it is a brave thing for him to do, and are thankful that he is. Its not just the photojournalists who are putting on the pressure. One meeting I attended in The Hague was conducted with creatives from across the board, screenwriters, voice actors, journalists, singers, musicians, cinematographers. Our problem is the same... our negotiating possibilities are very small and we are up against a couple of large organisations who decide the tariffs and are pushing the race to the bottom. If we try and collectivise, even with non-legally binding guideline prices, then the competitions authorities come down upon us (whilst ignoring the effective monopolies of a couple of publishers.) How much effect the lobbying will have is open to debate... the publishing lobby is better funded and probably has the ear of the ruling parties at the moment. There does seem to be a political realisation that the mood is swinging against the big corporations. The shame is 1) that creatives dont tend to practice what they preach... even the union used budget images. 2) I may be wrong in this but, agents who should be out there representing us being our partners in this, seem to be absent... it is also in their interests that we can earn an income. The alternative for many is either to leave the industry or look for alternative channels which is exactly what has happened in one creative industry as the creators dropped the middle man.
  8. I thought Dacs and Pictoright had an agreement in place that made that possible for the Dutch moneys. Whether that will still be around after 29th March is another question.
  9. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    I am not sure whether to encourage you or not... from where I am sitting I have real doubts over the stock industry and my future therein at the moment, but... On my cycling trip through the Uk last year I spent a day riding through the backways of Cheshire from Chester to Manchester getting shouted at by farmers. If you notice the weather images which sell, many have found a goose which lays the golden egg subject and then they repeat. Keith with his pier, others with a beach, a jogger at dawn, a pooch in the wind etc etc. Possibilities in the area for you which may be (no guarantees - but maybe worth a punt) your golden egg subject, from someone who cycled past one dull day last September. Budworth could not be more quintissentially English just what the papers like, the M6 and M56 with overpasses from which you can take images - traffic news, weather news, Delamere Forest, you probably know it better than me so you probably know the good views where the trees are changing colours, Budworth Lake where they sail Fireflies which are sailing dinghies like kiddies draw. Oh, and there are people who have worse spelling than me.
  10. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Yes... big events mean more competition which means more competition. Its a consideration one needs to factor in when covering large events. A lot of the time you could be on the back foot before you have even started the race. Try and play to what strengths you may have, which could be weaknesses in the competitors. A little extra (local) knowledge can make a huge difference... and not just for news. That said... it aint easy... I am not the only one who has stopped covering certain big events.
  11. Exclusivity

    I have one agent which gives a higher rate for exclusive images. With current price developments it works as an additional disincentive to submit.
  12. Alamy's 2017 Annual Accounts released

    The comparison is a bit skewed. Alamy's include a lot of news/sport images which probably get a lot lower return per image. I cant imagine large aggregators getting the same returns from images they placed here just in case. I am not sure how many agents place images on the micros. As far as the quantities are concerned in many cases they dont actually own (most of) it anyway, they are still intermediaries of that content.
  13. 8 months and not a single Sale HELP!

    Some buyers do shop around. Saying they dont is erroneous. Some dont. How many do and how many dont is open to conjecture. If you give buyers the option to buy cheaper, dont be surprised when they buy the cheaper option. But dont be surprised that some dont. Will it cost you sales by putting the same images here as on micro's? Maybe. Maybe not, but maybe. Personally I dont have any images on any micros and I am started avoiding placing certain images on certain macros' too because they are going the same way.
  14. Exclusivity

    This isn't the only situation recently where an agent seems (i.e speculation on my part) to be coming around to the realisation that there may be some value in having images on an exclusive basis. However that value has to be mirrored in the returns. Which in many cases just isn't the case. Some agents also shoot themselves in the foot in this regard. I am sure there are a number of shooters who ended their exclusive with one big fish due to receding returns, just to find that they have just been offered a new non-exlcusive contract after a recent take over.