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  1. Here is a link to a youtube video on the new GDPR legislation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQMFHPnYcYQ&t=1s It all sounds a bit concerning.
  2. Daily Mail online, 12/08/16 Image ID: AD9WR0 Contributor: PNRF, credited to Alamy only. The same image was used in their Saturday magazine the next day, 13/08/16, page 70
  3. I bought it a couple of days ago but have had little chance to use it yet because of the weather and other commitments. Because of the way it works, taking two pictures and blending them, any movement in the blended area can show as a double image. This has been obvious with the very high winds we have at the moment, especially If they are near. Because some adjustments can be made to the blended area after the picture has been made it's not been too bad. It's early days but so far I'm glad I bought it. Now the difficult bit. I spent ages trying to download it from Sony's Play Memories
  4. I read the same thing Bryan, and was dissapointed. I'm looking to upgrade my Nex 6 so, I'm hoping they keep going with APS-C, which as you say is ideal for stock. I also wish they would make some better lenses for the wide end.
  5. Just got back from taking pictures at my local shops. I've been questioned a few times over the years and mostly it's been fine after I;ve explained what I'm doing. Today, taking a picture of what I found an interesting communal door to some flats above the shops, I was met with a torrent of abuse from one of the windows to the flats.The man was so agitated it was hard to make out everything he was saying. I explained what I was photographing, and was met with even more abuse. The last time this happened to me it really knocked my confidence and I stopped putting any pictures on Alamy. I'
  6. Lisa, Many thanks for finding one of mine: A rubbish- strewn beach in Port Isaac and, above, a gull scavenges among food wrappers and wet wipes Pictures: OUTERFOCUS/ ALAMY Daily Express | 20 Mar 2015 | UK | English | Page: 28 Chris.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll probably give a few to see how I get on. Cheers, Chris
  8. Can anyone please recommend an online printing lab in the UK? So far I've looked at: Proamimaging. They seem to get good reviews but they have a limited range of products and their ordering and payment system seem a little odd. DS Colour Labs. I found some rather old reviews that were not too flattering. Loxley Colour. A good range of products, but no prices. I did email them but they refused to give any prices until I registered with them. If anyone has a price for a standard 10x8 so I can compare with the others I would be grateful. Any other suggestions? Many thanks, Ch
  9. It's all rather simple really. A coulple of days ago I was looking at the approved list as I was thinking about getting one. Noticing it was missing I emailed member services who within an hour amended thier list. All very efficient. Chris
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