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  1. I shall just have to be careful it would seem. Had I kept them as they were it would have probably been OK, but in a rush to upload I just turned them and it has bummed me. Oh well there is always tomorrow. I think I shot these as jpeg so perhaps that has something to do with it. I shall put them to one side while I get some other pictures uploaded me thinks. I only put them in because I read they were looking for architectural stuff for video games and things like that.
  2. but saying that I do not know if they were just the first images they saw and just said bye. they were strong images even the badly oriented ones(still cussing myself for that blunder) but hopefully no real harm done. They accepted four the other day so I am pretty sure it is just that. But like I say there were no extra comments Mark.
  3. Orientation, a error on my part, and that is the only reason they gave me
  4. Hi just got rejected, the upload software,or my windows software, not sure which said four of my images were orientated wrong so I turned them round. Adobe bridge said they were correctly orientated. Anyway it just failed all the other images outright,gutted! So my question is well there are two really will this effect my rank, and also should I now wait till tomorrow to upload again as it says they just reject outright for that date? I felt sure they were all quality I am really miffed, I should have fobbed those four and gone with it while sorting out my computer issues?
  5. Just wondering if you guys had any advice on this, I have already uploaded one picture in which I am unsure which way would make the most money. Do I even need to be concerning myself with this at this stage. Especially since I am avoiding Trade names like the plague.
  6. I nearly always shoot in RAW, Jill, thanks again for the advice, I will get around to some extra tutorials. I am currently working on some books so got a lot to go at with InDesign, but I will definitely get around to it.
  7. Thanks guys, I passed quality control no problem so all is good. My camera is 12 megapixel so just went with the save it and see option, thanks again.
  8. Hi again, I am not getting this, I have been faffing around enlarging my images in photoshop, so that when I view the closed file it reads above 24MB, subsequently these images are enormous poster sized affairs, and they look great, but they are too big to upload. With some further reading I find it tells me me they must be above 24 but no bigger than 25 and then it says but do not make them massive like I have been doing. Now I ain't that tech smart. I cannot see in photoshop where it says the size of an open file I have tried allsorts but I appear to be shooting blind with this. I am
  9. Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me. What resolution should I be making my images, I am still at the first hurdle stage and do not want to balls it up. I am currently setting them at 300 is this acceptable? Also file naming would an image of an Heron for example. could that simply be Heron.jpg, or H1.jpg or both etc. Cheers any advice would be much appreciated.
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