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  1. Nothing like the tropics Fun in the summer time
  2. couple of images from last week of Blue Mesa Reservoir near Gunnison, Colorado I just uploaded. Beautiful place.
  3. So far as I'm aware when contributors add "" or [] into their keywords makes no difference to the search results as this feature has not yet been implemented by Alamy. The proximity and order of keyword is however important. Has something changed? However, if customers add "" around their search terms I believe it does make a difference by prioritising those images where the matching keywords appear next to each other and in exactly the same sequence. >>I found I was not getting many views. Beware keyword spamming. More keywords = more views for sure. But if you're producing lots of irrelevant views your CTR and rank will suffer. I assumed the annotation options might have been implemented. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/annotation-options.asp The kind of added phrases I included were the following "bird in surf" [foggy mountain sunrise] "foal laying down" [paint horse] "sangre de cristo" If those options have not been implemented I guess the increase in views came from some work I did on the keywording in general. Most of my keywords stayed the same I just added phrases with the annotations that I thought would be more commonly searched phrases.
  4. This is the free keyword tool I use (http://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php) and it works great. I am relatively new and do not have many images online. I found I was not getting many views. I went back to my keywording and added phrases using either [ ] or " " around the phrases. I seem to be getting many more views now.
  5. Well my March was the best ever. I just noticed I sold one image and it is my first image sold on Alamy. But....I am new to Stock and I just joined Alamy the end of January and I am only at 67 images uploaded so far. I will just keep plugging away and adding images. -Tim
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