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  1. The concept of Capture and Output sharpening was pioneered by Bruce Fraser in early 2000s who passed away many years ago. The 'Detail' panel which we see in Lightroom was already incorporated in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) in Adobe Bridge CS3 (or earlier?, I don’t remember. Please correct me if I am wrong.) By Capture Sharpening (recovering lost sharpness through digitisation), images becomes use-neutral, i.e. they are ready to go into any direction, that is, printing or website display, etc. In case of printing, you then apply output sharpening according to print size, printin
  2. Received the payment today. Approx £20 less than last year. Also a bit disappointed as I, too, provided ISBNs for the extra. Edit) My payments increased year by year for the last 4 years but this year slightly down even with the extra. Sung
  3. Thank fotDogue for the information. Since my thread on Tuesday until your reply, as no one responded, so that I decided to ask MS. The following is their answer. Hope it provides a bit clearer information. "Only the images you have restricted (by ticking Don't sell for Person use..... box in AIM) will be opted out of the distribution pool. All other images that are not restricted will still be included." Sung
  4. I had been offline for a few weeks. I uploaded some images. The images passed the QC and I started keywording. I noticed that, in optional section, there is now a tick box for 'Don't sell for Personal Use....' . Does it mean that now I can opt out Personal Use 'image by image' basis even if I still subscribe to Distributor Sale? Sung
  5. DNG files do work with LR4. I always convert all the raw files (nikon, fuji, sony) to DNGs. I've been doing that for a long time. I had no problems with LR4. (But now I use LR6.)
  6. Earlier this morning, only Alamy Ref were shown under the thumbnails (you can see both mine & Alamy's when zoomed). A few minutes later, now I see both my numbers and Alamy's under the thumbnails. What's going on??????? Is it just me?
  7. I just now noticed the numbers on the thumbnails themselves. I am pretty sure, they weren't there before. OR AM I GOING MAD?????
  8. You're welcome, Allan. I myself didn't know where to look, either. I only discovered it recently. Sung
  9. In AIM, if you click on the zoom button (magnifying glass icon on the left top corner of each image), it will show your number together with Alamy's number.
  10. Thank you, Johnnie5 for the link.. A greenie for you too.
  11. Thanks John. I am sorry that you are allergic to them. But I am sure you won't be alergic to my greenie. ?
  12. Thanks, Stockfotoart! Wow, mind boggles! So many different kinds..... A greenie for you. Sung
  13. I added generic & general keywords such as pumpkins, squashes, Cucurbita pepo & vegetables, etc. Can you please help me to add any particular types or names or kinds, etc? Many thanks Sung
  14. That's quite astounding Wim, well done. Thank you! Still not in the big league though. wim Doc beat me to it. Wim, you are a very modest man. As Doc illustrated, you are in the very big league. Very impressive. Sung
  15. If you click on the page link above to Semester in Washington website, nearly all of the images have Alamy watermarks all over. Does that mean they have no intention of paying for the usages of the images or am I missing something?
  16. We need PROPER OPT OUT for this ABUSE and INSULT, not BLACKMAIL/RANSOM type of OPT OUT. Edit: change of font size As far as I know, in order to opt out 'print', you need to opt out 'Personal Use'. The problem is that by opting out 'Personal Use' you will be opted out automatically from Distribution Sales. The majority of contributors, if not all, want remain in Distribution Sales but opt out 'Personal Use' which Alamy don't/won't provide.
  17. We need PROPER OPT OUT for this ABUSE and INSULT, not BLACKMAIL/RANSOM type of OPT OUT. Edit: change of font size
  18. Same here. Arterra is a small agency, so my pseudonyms are the names of the different Arterra photographers. My default pseudo is my name though. I don't want images to go live automatically with the wrong photographer's name. Cheers, Philippe If you upload images without captions (Descriptions), they won't go live automatically after QC. It is a pain but it seems that we have no choice. I made the query regarding this to Member Service and it was their reply. Sung
  19. I found this article. Hope it helps. http://mirrorlesscomparison.com/preview/fuji-xt2-and-xt20/ Sung
  20. B&Ws do sell. Although, in my case, they account for only 1.4% of total number of sales and one of them sells both in colour and B&W. None of them are archival materials. I think that It really depends on subject matters. Some are suitable for BW but not all. Sung
  21. Going by memory I think Alamy guidelines specify all images must be submitted as 8 bit colour - not actually "grayscale" files. So, for instance in Photoshop for my occasional B&W submissions I select "grayscale" mode discarding the colour then convert back to "RGB color" for Alamy submission - which restores the file size. John Crellin Omg! So easy! It was a final step that I missed/forgot about/didn't know! Thank you! STOP. LISTEN. EMERGENCY. Forgive my bluntness but you are doing this all wrong. You are throwing away most of your data in ACR when you
  22. I prefer not to use Grayscale when I convert colour images to BW as they get rid of all the channels (R, G & B which leads to loss of data (hence smaller size file) Instead, I will convert them to BW in Lightroom then take them to PS for further editing or I use BW layer in PS. That way the images maintain Colour Space (Adobe RGB in my workflow) and Channels, so that I can create masks from channels if necessary for local adjustments etc.... But of course it is my workflow. I am not saying it is the best way. Sung edit: spelling correction
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