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  1. Judging from the reflection on the window (left) and the , it looks more like CTJJMF by AKP Photos. Sorry for being picky....
  2. Thanks, wim, for the detailed info. I also give an inch border on my prints, too. Almost exclusively, 8x8" (10x10 inc border). As always, you are a source of rich information. Sung
  3. Hi Wim Do your prints have a border? If so, how wide? Sung
  4. Hi Pete When you stamp your name & copyright etc on the back of a print, which ink do you use? Any particular favourite? Sung
  5. It was an image with A prefix so very old one. It was copyright issue with London Underground sign. Do you remember in the past Alamy deleted all the images with London Underground signs. It was one of those. Sorry for late reply. Sung
  6. The 2nd best month this year in terms of $$$ 11 sales, highest 119, lowest 12.82 The most bizarre thing is one of the sold images were deleted by Alamy long time ago, but sold again. How???? Though I am not complaining.
  7. the best month this year (April) followed by the worst month this year. Only 8 sales in May
  8. The best month this year. Highest 302 Lowest 5.6 a few good mid range prices Total 18 sales
  9. On Saturday, 6 sales reported (no distributor sales). All above average prices (recent years), including one at just over 300.00!
  10. I am guessing here. Perhaps you sometimes use the digital zoom (outward spread by using two fingers)? Sung
  11. Today I had a OK sale in Germany (a distributor sale). I thought I read somewhere in the forum a while ago that sales in Germany became 'direct sales'. Am I simply dreaming? Have I gone mad? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Histogram suggests that there is hardly any contrast in this image, i.e., the image must look extremely flat.
  13. You can convert RAWs to DNGs at the time of importing. It’s a built in function in LR 4, 5 & 6. I’ve been doing that for years. 99% of my RAW files are all DNGs. Sung
  14. After I upgraded to High Sierra from Sierra, I had a problem with my CS6 & Nik Collection (CS6 crashed every time I used Nik Collection). Although I found out that engineers from both Adobe & Apple are working together to resolve the issue, I feared that it may still be an issue with aging CS6 which I use. So I decided to revert to Sierra by using Time Machine backup. This link may be of use to you. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-and-macoshighsierra.html Sung
  15. 14 sales ranging from 5.74 to 75.00 In terms of number of sales, already sold more than last year. In terms of total revenue 5.6% behind that of 2016, but still December to go But 15.8% behind 2015 (my personal best year so far), so things remain to see.
  16. Thank you for the links, ReeRay. I came across the same suggestion/solution else where, but when I use Nik filters, which is not that frequent, I, however, like the result editable, so that I can go back to it if necessary. Therefore it was not a viable solution. Sung
  17. I have just finish reverting to OS 10.12 by using a Time Machine backup. It was fairly straightforward and simpler than I feared. As I said, I've never done it before so I was a bit nervous. All my images and 99% of docs I create are stored on an external hard drive, so I didn't have to recover the files I created after the installation of High Sierra, which made the whole procedure much simpler. I guess it is like cleaning digital sensor. Once you've done it, it will get easier second time. Thank you for your tips, MDM. Your input is always helpful.
  18. Yes, it is said on Adobe Help page "Our engineering team is working with Apple to correct the root problem as soon as possible". Sung
  19. Thanks, fotoDogue. I am planning to revert to the previous OS Sierra (10.12) by using a Time Machine backup, as I didn't have any issues with it. I checked out the 2nd option you suggested but the only OS listed in previous purchases is Maverick which I think maybe it is too outdated. I have never done this before, so I was feeling a bit nervous about it. Hope everything goes fine. Thank you again for your advice. Sung
  20. Since I upgraded to High Sierra OS 10.13.1 (from OS 10.12), my Photoshop (CS6) crashes whenever I use Nik Collection within CS6. My short research shows that there is an issue of compatibility between Photoshop CC (and earlier releases) & OS 10.13 High Sierra. Please refer to the following link. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-and-macoshighsierra.html Anyone who uses Nik Collection regularly with Photoshop, please do not upgrade your OS until the problem is sorted out between Adobe and Apple. To solve the problem, I decided
  21. Perhaps RRS BH30? I know you said you don’t want any Acar style but if you purchase BH30 with screw knob as opposed to lever release, you can buy Arca style quick release for USD10-20 on Amazon. It has solid grip and is really well made. Sung
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