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  1. Thank you, Richard. I am sure I will find some useful info in that forum. Hi, Gervais. It isn't with a retina screen. Hi Vlad, I usually attach basic metadata info when I download images from cameras and also I have a few metadata template with freuqently used keywords. 1. That's a good news. The simpler the better. 3, 4&5. Again, this will make the procedure a lot simpler. Sung
  2. Thank you, David If that is the case, can I just copy all the .xmp files (metadata templates and settings) and paste them in the Mac equivalent folders? As I said above, almost all of my RAW files are DNGs. Sung
  3. Thanks Vlad 1. can you elaborate 'a more robust file system', please? 3. Sorry for not being clear, by archieves, I meant images that I moved to external drives. I want to including all the images in a catalogue in Lightroom for easy management. 4 & 5 Nearly all of my raw images are DNGs. In this case, it must be a bit more straight forward? Sung
  4. In a week or so, I will start using a iMac after many years of using PCs. I will also start using Lightroom for the first time. No doubt there will be a lot of things to sort out. First of all, I need to transfer all my photos from a PC HD to the new Mac HD. What would be best way of doing it? I have a few external hard drives (archives). What do I need to do to make the Mac to recognize them? With regard to Lightroom, if I want to catalogue all my images (including archives), do I copy everything including archives to Mac HD first, then import everything into Lightroom and move archiv
  5. I think your search activity report is saying that a buyer searched for tenerife, and viewed only first 960 images including one of yours. The second search was for Tenerife (perhaps with different criteria) and viewed 460 image including 7 of yours. Sung
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