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  1. Not long ago, I came across a thread regarding how to synchronise keywords from Alamy to Lightroom using plug in (or am I going senile? ☹️ I hope not)

    I have gone through many pages & searched the forum but failed to locate the topic, which was with a (youtube) video tutorial.

    Can anyone help me to find this thread?

    Is there a way to mark threads so that I can find them easily later on?



  2. 14 hours ago, Brizbee said:

    Hi Sung.


    What you have there is one of the many members of the umbellifer or carrot family, although, because one of the petals of the individual flowers is larger than the others, I would go for Cow Parsnip ( heracleum sphondylium ), also known as Hogweed.


    Hope that gives you somewhere to start.




    Hi Brian

    Thank you so much for your help.  Much appreciated.  👍

    You must be a botanist.  Great knowledge.


  3. 21 hours ago, Jill Morgan said:


    Such are the effects of microstock.  




    Isn't it sad?  The thing which upsets me most was the unhuman response (in fact 'computer says no') from MS.  I never experienced this type of MS replies before.  I think it proves that the attitude of Alamy towards contributors has changed totally for the worse.  Or MS staff are also demoralised so they can't be bothered either.


    21 hours ago, Pearl said:

    I did even better.  Mine was $6.71 back in May.




    When I started this thread, I thought it might have been an isolated case but apparently not.  I am beginning to think if there are any sales team as such to negotiate prices, perhaps all laid off.  Just they accept any prices computer brings up.


    18 hours ago, Colblimp said:

    If ever there was a post to prove A***y doesn't care about its contributors, this is it.  The price gained doesn't seem 'negotiated' at all, rather A***y pandered to its customer.  Additionally, refusing to tell us who licences our images because of 'confidentiality agreements' is pretty poor.  Absolutely scandalous behaviour from A***y to the hands that feed it...


    Absolutely, Colblimp.


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  4. Just in case anyone might be interested in the result of my query to MS about the above mentioned super low price for Advertising & Promotion Usage.


    In short, after an exchange of a few emails with MS, I am non the wiser.  The following was the answer (maybe copy and paste from their operating manuals).


    "This customer would be a key customer in which we can negotiate on prices, in comparison to new customers who come to the site and pay the shop front pricing.

    Our sales teams work extremely hard to negotiate on deals with all forms of customers and always try to get the best market value possible for each license.

    Unfortunately, we can't let you know who licensed your image due to confidentiality agreements we have with our customers."   - I didn't even asked who licensed the image.....


    An insult to my intelligence, she provided the following info, saying 'the only usage information that they have".  It was a partial screenshot of my Sales History.  


    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Advertising and promotion, Marketing campaign or customer pitches
    Media: Promotional brochures/ leaflets/inserts
    Start: 14 July 2021
    Duration: Unlimited


    In summary, $6.73 was the best negotiated price with the buyer for Advertising & Promotion usage.  Very encouraging!





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  5. The usage of one of the images reported sold this morning is as follows.


    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Advertising and promotion, Marketing campaign or customer pitches
    Media: Promotional brochures/ leaflets/inserts
    Start: 14 July 2021
    Duration: Unlimited


    What does this mean?


    The price $6.73 ????????  Well may be they will print only 1 or 2 leaflets to share worldwide.





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  6. 35 minutes ago, Joseph Clemson said:


    I take it to mean that unticking the UK box under 'Distribution' means any external distributors which Alamy uses who happen to sell to the UK will no longer be able to licence your images in the UK. However, Alamy themselves will still make your images available in the UK, and indeed anywhere else in the world where the customer buys directly through Alamy.


    Thanks, Joseph.  You are right.  I just had a moment of confusion.



  7. Hi Betty.  Thank you for your reply.  I do agree with you that the way is set up unclearly.


    But maybe my question was not well phrased.


    When I tried to opt out of Distribution, after having unticked everywhere, I, by chance, noticed that under European territories, the second last territory was 'United Kingdom'.  It prompted me to think; 

    • Do I need to leave UK 'ticked' or 'unticked'?.  It is a bit confusing (at least to me).  Surely Alamy doesn't have distributors in the UK.
    • If I untick 'UK', does it mean that my images are not available at all even in the UK?

    Am I over thinking?



  8. On 09/01/2021 at 20:12, Christine M Baker said:



    I am new to Alamy, do you see a lot of $1  sales ?    I don't have thousands of images up yet, I am still uploading,  but the one sale I got was $25.  Is this the average price?


    One sale I got from another Stock House  was actually  25 cents !


    Any comment would be appreciated


    @Christine M Baker 

    Sorry for late response.  No, it was my first sale at $1.  I have been with Alamy for more than 15 years.


  9. A bit late but Happy New Year to all and wish you all the best.


    Please note that I am not trying to spoil anything here but I felt I needed to inform you this.


    A sale was reported today (Good) but was sold at $1 (really Bad).  The usage is as follows.


    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Academic faculty pack,  Pack of unwatermarked, copyright safe high resolution images for use in non-commercial projects such as teaching materials, essays, dissertations, theses and presentations
    Media: Non-commercial projects such as teaching materials, essays, dissertations, theses and presentations
    Industry sector: Education
    Print run: Unlimited
    Image Size: Any size
    Start: 06 January 2021
    Duration: In perpetuity





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  10. 52 minutes ago, sb photos said:

    When did you install Malwarebytes? When first installed you have to manually enable the Malwarebytes system extension. If you have already done that you shouldn't get another request as you displayed. The free version of Malwarebytes has a limited interactive period, after that has expired you have to manually run Malwarebytes for it to be effective, have you done that? I find Malwarebytes very effective.


    I don't remember exactly, but it has been a while since I installed Malwarebytes.  That must be the reason why.  In fact it was you who recommended Malwarebytes to me on the forum.  Though I am still puzzled about the other (Extendscript Toolkit thing).  Thank you again, sb.

  11. On 06/10/2020 at 13:50, Kathy deWitt said:

    This happened to me with a Seagate Backup Plus after I got a new IMac this year.   It wasn't showing up anywhere even though the light showed it was working. After numerous conversations with Seagate who offered to replace it as it was only a year old, I tried connecting it with another cable and it mounted thank goodness.




    Thank you for sharing your experience.  In my case, data loss wasn't an issue as I had two backup copies of the troubled ext drive.  In the end I bough another disk to replace it.



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  12. 2 minutes ago, wiskerke said:

    Have you tried different cables?  Yes

    Your cable must be able to power it.

    Are you sure it's not the port? Try it on another port or another machine. I did.


    If it's a really old drive the really old freeze trick may help. If it's newer it can make matters worse.

    I agree with opening the case though. It's easy. Take another case that holds the same size drive and swap it. Tons of youtube how-to videos. It's 2 minutes work.

    Thank you for the suggestion.  I might try it.  But even if it becomes alive, I would be uncomfortable to put any data on it. TBH


    2 minutes ago, wiskerke said:




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