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  1. Simple question, starters for 10, open to anyone. (And yes it may have been mentioned and i missed the answer somewhere) Newspaper buys a picture on 16th July at the agreed price of $100. That is the date of their contract with Alamy to purchase and pay). They pay for the picture on 16th August after having used it on the 17th July. Do I get 50% based on the date they actually purchased the picture, or do I get 40% based on the date they actually paid their invoice? Like I said sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. Thank you
  2. I use Luminar AI only if I cannot get the look I want in Lightroom. there is a video comparison that suggests that Ai and 4 are very different from each other for processing. So I got 4 and after working with it for a week and looking more in depth at AI found AI offers all that 4 does (processing wise), it's just not in your face but it is there. Contacted 4 to say wanted my money back and why as I intended to get Ai at some point and they kindly offered to simply transfer my license to Ai. So got it at a bargain price and very happy with it. I don't use it much but when i do I have been it
  3. 2008 31 pictures sold $3705 2021 (part year only) 53 pictures sold, $1521 I had a company contact me two years ago asking to use an old postcard picture of mine on Alamy for around $400. I had to sign that I owned the copyright. I declined and referred them to Alamy. The picture they said would be used for an advert campaign. They did and and around two months later it went through as been paid for around $40. I checked this with Alamy but they said it was correct. A few pictures recently went through for $3.13...multiple use and in perpetuity. Better then the
  4. In ten years the most I have made in one year is 6000. So the chances of me reaching the 25000 mark is ZERO. Unhappy? yes I am. But A lot say they will leave. I can understand that. But leave to what? This morning I looked at other agencies, have not found one that pays more and everyone seems to pay less. So leaving if you are unhappy with 40% only to join another one at 30%....how does that work? I also saw a web page by a guy who sends pictures to five agencies. Alamy accounted for 53% of his total sales. So again if you are leaving, think carefully.
  5. I use Xpiks. It's free and excellent. you import your pictures into it, then title and keyword, when stuck you click suggestions, then key in key in 2 or 3 keywords and it trawls through 3 agencies for similer pictures and gives you keyword for them, click them and they go into your picture. Just google Xpiks and it pops up. Malcolm
  6. Something to bear in mind is that while you can pay for the package yearly direct from Adobe, you can also buy a voucher from Amazon which is simply a pre-paid yearly sub from Adobe. I did this the first year and saved about £6 on the total yearly cost, this year, it was being sold at just £71 on Amazon for a few weeks, so got it then, and that means a saving of around £30. Right now it is on Amazon as this "Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom - 12-Month Licence - Key Card (PC/Mac)" Price: £75.10 FREE UK delivery.
  7. We have two main computers and a laptop. We upgraded all three and that was three days ago, no problems at all. It did take about an hour to complete.
  8. There is no real answer to this question. HDR is many things to many people. I use Photomatix and Oloneo to do HDR. But the trick is to do it in a way that means most people, other then in the expouser range of the picture, can tell it is HDR. Sometimes I even achieve that effect! If taking a pictures against the sun you cannot do anything else then end up with a perfectly exposed subject and a white sky, or else a blue sky and a very dark subject. There are limits to how much you can push in Lightroom and even Photoshop, and it takes time. Step up HDR and job done. Photomatix is good
  9. I have read with interest some recent posts on keywording. I do use keywording software. It is Keyword smart. It helps come up with different words meaning the same thing, like "happy" will generate about 20 words. Now I know a lot of people say the less the number of keywords the better. I tried that. But my point is, surely as long as the keyword relates to a picture then it is ok, regardless of the number. For instance, if I am a picture editor in England or American and want a 'happy smiling boy' that is what I would key in. But if English is not my first language, for instance if
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