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  1. I guess the combination of those two statements answers the question. I had actually posted the question in response to reading that sentence on the blog. I (like others) thought it WAS the same camera in the the ipad that was in the iphone - therefore it should make zero difference which device surrounds the camera. A view reinforced by the fact that Alamy made the app available for the ipad as well as the iphone. If the cameras are different then the statement in the blog makes sense. Looks like I can't submit after all... I "only" have an ipad not an iphone. :-(
  2. Thanks all for the replies. Paul do you know if it was rejected because of the iPad or because of some other reason? I read somewhere that they are currently rejecting about 50% of images anyhow based on a lot of reasons including saleability. As we have some conflicting views here, perhaps Alamy need to jump in and give up a definitive answer. Ian.
  3. Sorry, Ed, not sure how an eye-fi card answers the question on whether Alamy/Stockimo will accept images taken on via an iPad rather than an IPhone?
  4. The recent blog post says only images taken on an iphone. Does anyone know if that also includes images taken on a ipad? The app installs and works on an ipad so i had assumed that ipad images were permitted. Now i am not sure.
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