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  1. All fair questions. Especially the last one. If 23 becomes 56 just after I have finished categorising ~7000 images and I have revisit them to check if any need recategorising then I I won't be happy.
  2. Hi Betty, Thanks for the reply. I wasn't aware of the 'proximity' thing. I'm effectively still using " " and [ ]. I do almost all my tagging in LR, but Jim Keir's Lightroom Alamy Bridge has a priority sorting algorithm which does a pretty good job of shuffling the keywords so that the most appropriate are at the front and the then the top 10 get chosen as the super tags. For my images, it works pretty well, and I only need to do a few tweeks to what it has selected once everything is here. I can also set all the optional data in LR and transmit that via the plug-in. I've spen
  3. Thanks for the replies - I hadn't realised that they weren't being used yet. Will be interesting to see how they come into play in the future. Oh well, I guess I'll just keep setting them and see what happens. I think the thing that is shocking me more than anything is how much has changed while I have been 'away'.
  4. As I have said before I've been away from Alamy for a while and now I am just starting to update my image collection to try to bring it in line with latest Alamy requirements. Primary and Secondary categories are pretty new to me, and it does appear to take quite a while to not only set them but to set them appropriately. The question is, has anyone ascertained yet whether the time spent doing categories really worthwhile? (I have just short to 7000 images to go through). How are the categories being used? Do images with them appear to sell better? Finally, for some
  5. That's more or less what I tell folks. Income from stock is a nice bonus when it happens, it might make the difference between buying a reasonable piece of kit and a good piece of kit. It appears that those who have any reasonable income from it, have huge collections of images for sale : 10s of thousands of photos.
  6. Thank you folks, for the replies. Very interesting reading and mostly confirms my own experiences and thoughts. It's been really helpful to get your perspectives on this, rather than me just presenting my experiences. (Which are a bit out of date these days). As the old saying goes, the only way to end with a small fortune from shooting stock is to start with a LARGE fortune! Thanks Ian.
  7. I've been an Alamy contributor since February 2003 - at the time there were still a lot of photographers for whom stock photography was a significant if not primary source of income. The digital camera revolution happened everyone became photographers. We saw the rise of microstock sites. Images were which used to attract four-figure sales were attracting single figure price tags. There was a joke at the time "How many stock photographers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer none - we just sit around and talk about how it used to work" I changed my focus and
  8. Just a quick update on this - I've downloaded the latest version of LR Alamy - it appears to be working fine and I've had a reply from Jim that confirms he has been making updates to cope with the new Alamy Image Manager. I am still testing everything again, but looks like the LRAlamy is definitely alive and kicking! Phew! Ian.
  9. Thanks, Richard, that is good to know - I'll preserve in getting it going again on my new computer set-up. I have certainly found the product to be very helpful in the past. Ian.
  10. Is anyone still using Jim Keir's Alamy Lightroom plug-in? Does it still work? Does anyone know if it is still being supported? I have emailed Jim directly but am yet to get a reply and the last two tickets I raised on his support site (months ago) never got any reply. Also since Alamy changed from keywords (based on a number of characters) to tags/supertags (based on the number of tags) how does it the plugin handle that? Does it handle it? I haven't used the plug-in for some months, In that time there have been a number of changes at Alamy for managing and uploading images. I've ju
  11. Hi Wim, I think I have a solution, using the LRAlamy plugin to export the some of the information. Then downloading the sales export report from Alamy, then finally using Excel to perform a lookup between the two! A bit complex but I've got 600-700 of sales to do. I'm launching a membership site, and for paying members I am going to let them know what I earned from the sales, so I need to re-post all the past sales to add that extra info in there. As you said it's not worth automating.... if it was one or two... but for 600+ yeah, I need to automate it! ;-) Thanks Ian.
  12. Thanks for the reply, It's a possible solution, but I'd rather the link went direct to the image page, rather than to a search results page. I'd rather anyone clicking on the link arrived here: http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=%7BC3C3A17C-D0FF-4D50-B204-DC961539345B%7D Rather than here: http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=AXFA0F As I said - it used to be possible. I am not sure if I can't remember the syntax correctly or the page that made it possible has long since gone.
  13. I often post details of my stock sales on my website - my business is more about teaching and mentoring photographers these days - so sharing my sales is helpful to the photographers I am working with. When I do post a sale, I like to link back to the actual image here on Alamy. Eg http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid={C3C3A17C-D0FF-4D50-B204-DC961539345B} I am trying to semi-automate the process, based on the downloadable data from the "downloadable sales report" - the sales report only gives my image id (eg EW0503E-D01551) or the short code Alamy id (eg AXFA0F).
  14. Thanks folks.... that's just rubbing salt into the wounds! I am still waiting for my 1st May images. :-( And still no reply from MS.
  15. Hmmm.... now you mention it, I don't think I got a autoresponder message either.
  16. One would hope this is the case. But I am now worried - they are still sitting "Waiting QC" and although I emailed Member Services two days ago I have had no reply from them:
  17. Am I reading these replies right? If you have failed QC they don't tell you that you have failed QC for a month - the images just sit in "Awaiting QC" status for a month? When I read about the month's delay, I thought it meant that you knew you had failed but didn't know why for a month, and you were moved to the slow queue for future uploads. Here's what I read on the blog:
  18. Firstly let me say this is not a moan or a complaint. Just a request for information. I started uploading images again this month after a break - prior to that my last upload was June 2015. At that time my images were going through QC typically withing 24-48hrs. The last time I failed QC was back in 2009. (7 years ago). I currently have 10 uploads "waiting QC" dated 1st May through 9th May. So the oldest upload has now been waiting 9 days. (I think this is the longest I've had to wait other than back in the days when we had to submit using CDs!). Can anyone tell me what th
  19. EDIT: Scratch that - thought I'd found an unreported sale. But on second check it was there. The threads are STILL important!
  20. Geoff - good to see you are still around here! All - Interesting that the consensus is that NU is a thing of the past. The option to opt in is still there on the "Additional Revenue Options" panel.
  21. I used to be very active on the (old) Alamy forums and back in 2008 we had many discussions about "Novel Use". At the time and the way the markets were going I decided it wasn't for me. Stock photography is not such a significant part of my photography business these days and so it is time to revisit options. What is the current thinking on "Novel Use" - I notice that 70% of contributors have signed up to it? Do you see any significant benefit from doing so? The 30% who have opted out - why have you remained out of the scheme? For me, back in 2008, I felt that "Novel Use" undermine
  22. Thanks for the confirmation - thought it probably was. I'll put the tin-foil hat away again!
  23. I'm not as active as I once was with selling stock so I don't often go looking through my Alamy account balance. Last night I had cause to pull up my account balance and I trawled through it in detail. I noticed that there were two sales in 2009 that had never cleared and I had never been paid for. Because it was late at night I decided not to do anything about it at that time, but leave it till this morning to contact MS to find out what was going on with them. As I logged on to the site this morning - both of those sales were showing as 'refunded' with a refund date of TODAY! I
  24. You can! I've used an ipad to submit images shot with a Nokia and had an acceptance. Alex Oh I'm now totally confused. Alamy.... can we PLEASE have a definitive answer!?
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