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  1. In my experience, textbook covers are like inside uses in that they don't require model releases. Those books are not considered commercial products. They are often sold in bulk to entities such as school districts and sometimes to an entire state's schools. Individual consumers typically do not buy them. Janis in Texas
  2. I write complete captions, but add even more details in the "tell us more about your image" area on the Optional page (the one with the "number of people in the image" etc.). This is where I add context that just might make the image more relevant to a prospective purchaser. For example, on images of a shelter for immigrant families on the Texas-Mexico border, the caption includes the who, what and where. On the Optional page, I added context about Pres. Trump's policy to separate families at the border causing chaos. I did include Trump, president, etc., in the keywords.
  3. Ditto on the $0.01 here. Does anyone know what it's from?
  4. What am I doing wrong? I type in Firstname Lastname Alamy - site:alamy.com and get what looks like a portion of our collection straight from the Alamy site. When I try it without the spaces in front of and behind the hypen, I get an error. And when I try Firstname Lastname Alamy-alamy.com, I get pretty much the same as with - site.alamy.com. Suggestions?
  5. How do you discover what search terms clients are using? I only know how to find the number of views, not the search terms.
  6. How can I figure out whether a particular image of mine has ever been licensed, and if so, the details of the license? Surely there's something simpler than clicking on "sales history" on my dashboard and scrolling through seven years' worth of sales.
  7. $280 last month for a magazine cover with under 50K circulation. Does TV count as editorial? If so, $200 use back in March 2017.
  8. This month's sales report includes cover use of a photo of Donald Trump taken at a rally last summer. Assuming it's not a textbook. $300 gross, incl. electronic. Will hold my tongue about good-old-days prices.
  9. Fredmiranda.com has a good buy-sell format that we've used successfully a number of times. There's a fee to post, which seems to limit the buyers and sellers to mostly pros and serious amateurs/hobbyists.
  10. We cover a lot of news events, so as soon as the images are uploaded to our agencies or our primary online news client, usually the same day of the event, they are considered "published." I believe it would be the same if all we'd done was post them on our blog. However, I believe the US copyright office still has a limit of 750 images per submission of published works in a single calendar year at $55 per submission. So theoretically, you could register 2,250 images from, say, 2013, in three separate submissions for $165, one right after the other. I've gotten some helpful advice by phone from the copyright hotline, so it wouldn't hurt to call as the info online can often be confusing.
  11. We've been full-time assignment and stock photographers for 25 years, so know a thing or two about keywording. I tried Keyword Perfect several years ago on referral from a fellow photographer at another agency and I, too, found it too clunky and didn't like all the superfluous words.
  12. But what's the point of separating into a different pseudo?
  13. Hi Chuck, We're in Austin, Texas, and would be happy to talk to your client about the Midland photo needs. Janis Daemmrich
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