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  1. Me too, as of this morning, for the new IM members club. Like just about everybody, I suspect, was alarmed to only have 11 images with discoverability 'in the green' Played around with a few of them and it does seem that it is entirely and only down to the total number of tags. Over 40 needed. Deleted some duplicate tags; immediately dropped into the orange. So, started adding tags to some of the 'oranges.' Result - it's not long before you start running out of inspiration (you will or should have added all the decent keywords first time round) and you start adding crap jus
  2. I'm sure this must have been asked before, but if so I can't find it. Please can someone tell me where I find these ratings that everyone keeps talking about for my Stockimo images? I've only done a few and they are all for the News feed. They've been accepted and I see them in Live News, and then they get transferred to stock, but nowhere do I see any ratings applied to them. Where do I look?
  3. What's so special about Aberystwyth? It's in Wales, Phillippe. God's Own Country.
  4. I need a new mobile phone (put the old one through the washing machine!), so toying with the idea of acquiring an iPhone so I can have a go at Stockimo. Always been an Android user until now (phone and tablet), so except for my wife's iPod, iWhatevers are a bit of a mystery. Not a major mobile phone user, so damned if I'm going to pay mega-hundred £'s for a new iPhone just so I might occasionally make a few pennies from Stockimo. Alamy says that anything above a iPhone 4 should be OK for Stockimo. Used iPhone 4s's are going on E Bay for circa £50-70, 5s's for circa £100-120 For
  5. I asked MS about this as I am considering purchasing a new point-and-shoot. This was their reply: "We've removed both the lists (approved and not approved) from our guidelines as basically what we need are photos from a camera that has a minimum of 6 Megapixels and can produce images with an uncompressed size over 17Mb." So there you go ...
  6. ... and I have also just noticed that actually they are for sale in my collection, but oddly have not been added to my blue number on this forum.
  7. I've had 16 images "ready" since Wednesday morning, and a further 19 since yesterday. Still waiting.
  8. I've never been able to understand the requirement to distinguish between 1,2,3 or "more than 4." Surely the only point is - are there people in the image, or not? Can anyone explain it to me?
  9. Thank you Peter, the greenie is much appreciated. However I haven't solved my own problem. Like so many others, I am suffering from sin bin-it is. Three times out of the last 4 submissions. I am now so totally paranoid that I went through my last submission with the very finest of toothcombs - and still it failed! For the dreaded SoLD. For the life of me, I cannot see anything wrong with the culprit image, so before I totally lose the will to live Alamy life as we know it, I was hoping to post it on here to see if anyone can tell me where the hell the fault is. So drag and drop from Alam
  10. Thanks both. I will try and use Dropbox, see if that works. Thanks for the info, Mike, will be very useful for the future but the image I want to upload is not on Alamy
  11. I am sure I am being thick, also that this must have been covered many times before, but can somebody please tell me how I upload an image to this forum, so that others can comment on it? Many thanks
  12. An image shown as sold on 8 August last year has just this month been marked as paid in my account. Is this a record?
  13. Thanks Spacecadet, understood - I think. Will not your rank also be affected by the quality/relevance/"newness" etc etc assigned by Alamy to whichever image I choose to add BHZ to? So I need to select my most creative and/or relevant image, yes?
  14. Forgive my ignorance - this is probably going to be a "D'oh !!" moment when I get the answer - but how do you tell? How do you find out what your rank is? Thanks
  15. Thanks chaps. Obviously not something therefore which is ever going to give me much of an intellectual quiver.
  16. Apologies for asking this, because I am sure it has been discussed many times before. Unfortunately, however, the search box won't accept two-letter words. Could somebody kindly advise me what an iQ sale is? I have now achieved the dizzying heights of 3 sales, 2 of which are annotated iQ sales. Both are for pennies, but still it would be nice to know. Maybe in another couple of years, I might even have enough sales to get paid...
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