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  1. WOW and thanks too everyone for very helpful guidance all of the comments are exactly what i need , helpful constructive guidance. Many thanks to everyone and now back to the drawing board !!! Tony
  2. Hi i will admit to being a little embarrassed by posting a second time on the same subject but i have now had my third rejection for Q.C so as you can imagine the old confidence has taken a severe bashing !!! i don't think of my images as particularly special but did think i could get four past quality control i understand how critical the D800 can be when it comes to quality glass and shutter speed but if anyone has time to take a look and give honest and constructive criticism and would very much appreciate any advice before submitting anymore, i don't use Flickr much but have put 5 images o
  3. Hi and thanks everyone apologies for not thanking each person individually (not sure how to !!!) but all suggestions really appreciated i am wondering if one of my problems has been too much clarity and or sharpening i do use both LR5 and Photoshop CC and also check at 100%, also i have picked images that i like as opposed to four images to get past quality control so fingers crossed for the next four either way a big thank you to everyone who offered advice. Tony
  4. Hi and a big thank you to Johnie,Peter and Andy it's really appreciated when people take time out to help others, all really useful guidance and has given me food for thought for next submission. Cheers Tony
  5. Hi to all members from a complete Alamy Newbie, i will apologise to everyone for posting what i imagine is a much asked question but i am in the process of submitting my first four images for quality control i have been into photography for some years i currently use a Nikon D800 and D4 so am confident my kit isn't a problem, what i am hoping for is some guidance when editing and exporting from Lightroom 5 ideally settings for width height,pixels per inch etc, i understand when opened they have to be at least 24mb and whilst mine are i am being told my images are lacking definition or have cam
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