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  1. If Stockimo IS an actual arm of Alamy agency, why can't it be discussed here. But, anyway, thanks.
  2. Isn't Stockimo a completely separate ageincy...not Alamy?
  3. Is there a separate Alamy submission portal for cell phone images? YC
  4. ycardozo

    Manage Images

    I'm with the 'prefer old version' group. I use the new one to batch location, the fact that the images are photos, haven't been digitally altered and so forth. BUT...batching captions and keywords is impossible if you've already done them in Photoshop, Lightroom or whatever. Say you have three different angles of the same food display. The captions and key words would be the same for all three. Say you realize you want to add a word or fix a mis-spelled word. But you can't in the new version because if you bring up all three, the caption and keyword panels are grayed out. In the old version,
  5. What happens if you have two fails in a row? I have heard at some point Alamy puts you on a back burner for six months. I included some older images with a new batch (same subject). These images sold to numerous online and print publications just a few months ago and looked fine to me. But one of the older images failed. So I deleted it and resubmitted the rest. That was Dec. 11, which I assume is too far back to be caught up in the holiday delay. So I assume I will have a second fail. I wish they would let you know if more are unacceptable. At this point, I don't feel comfortable submitting
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