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  1. I emailed CR and this is what they said Quote:- You can add filters to images going in the main collection but they still need to meet our technical requirements. We usually don’t recommend adding certain filters to images as it gives customers less scope to do what they want with the images. If you leave images natural, customers can then add a filter if they want to. -end quote I am most surprised about the scratchy type filter as in the one I originally mentioned, but hey, live and learn.
  2. Wow, thanks everyone. Either I completely misunderstood (way back when I read the rules ) or I missed a change along the way. That will teach me to keep having long breaks in uploading. Have a good weekend everyone and stay warm and dry whereever you are.
  3. I was going to ask before as have started to see various filters cropping up, like vintage type, but this particular one is what I would decribe as 'mobile phonish'.
  4. I notice on the images sold March thread an image with vintage retro filter, (very instagrammy) but not a number from the 'S......o' type of images. I always thought we could not put filters like that. Has that changed or was it never the case and I misunderstood?
  5. I have taken a screenshot if required as its only on the front page of the BBC website and I can't seem to get a link using ipad
  6. Little bit off topic, but may be worth you reporting to someone incase they were poisoned? And I would definitely upload them
  7. I would just like to say thank you to all who commented on a recent post of mine re luminence noise. Most of you saw colour noise which I was not seeing. So after looking via another screen there it was clear as day! So I ordered a calibrator and when it arrived and I duly attached it for use I then discovered my PC was not recognising my graphics card and therefore could not calibrate the screen, apparently it was not there although I was viewing images on something in front of me! Anyway, all too technical for me, so off for repair. The pricely sum of €20 later gave me a whole new viewing ex
  8. yes I think I will do that. There is a change in weather coming so will be ideal (for photographs, not for me, haha) I have stopped all editing now and waiting for the delivery of a Spyder calibrater, for some strange reason my PC running windows 7 will not allow me to calibrate via Windows calibration on my HP monitor, but Spyder will be better anyway. I am seriously doubting what I am currently seeing now.
  9. add the keywords when you are editing, then they will go on automatically. then when they have passed, decide which ones you want as supertags
  10. Thanks again to everyone for your comments. The example images I posted were completely unedited. One thing that has become obvious is that my moniter needs calibrating again. It is something I have not done for a while and now from comments and seeing my examples on the ipad I realise it needs doing. The noise in the sky has no colour on my monitor but does on my ipad and others see it too. Its good to know also, that most of you don't think the noise as big an issue as I do. I will do the lens testing, calibrate the monitor and take it from there. I wonder also if having the onse
  11. Wow, Wim thank you so much. I will certainly carry out the test. Very detailed. Thanks. And yes blockiness is exactly how I would describe the sky and had assumed luminence noise, mainly because it or similar appears on the water too. I will get the test done and see the results. amazing help and thank you sincerely for taking the time. Jenny
  12. Thanks for taking a look Betty. Its luminence noise as opposed to noise as in from high iso, not sure if you mean that? But i am having to reduce by around 40, I have used the gradient tool on other images before, but just feel it should not be necessary all the time . I think as John has said it may be the harsh light from the time of day possibly? Ha yes, horizons, hehe, fix those when I edit. I did actually wonder if my focus problems as sometimes due to a heavy handbag over that left shoulder (!) but went with a backpack deliberately today to see, but doesn't seem to have made much differe
  13. Thanks again John, will have a good look at that this week. I did wonder if the lighting may be part of the cause of the luminence noise, I will have to get out a bit earlier in the day. Cheers
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4s7bmu3mnfba0hm/peniche Nov 2017 16th 070815.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/51mcy0o45p2w1zy/peniche Nov 2017 16th 069814.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cp6rhz7zt52gmjv/sunday 19 nov 17 003824.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ji4n9y6rs8e8isl/sunday 19 nov 17 007828.jpg?dl=0 please feel complete free to give brutal opinions. These are none edited obviously hope,I have done these links correctly!
  15. Can I upload raw to dropbox? Or does it need to be the dng?
  16. Hi Wim yes always shot in Raw then convert via dng converter as I use Lightroom 4 which doesn't take the raw files. The camera was purchased new by me a couple of months ago. I played around with some product work indoors the other day and focus was fine for that and don't recall seeing luminence noise (although only looked at them quickly as was testing lighting). I will have a look at the instructions for uploading via Dropbox that was out here the other day and will out one on. Thanks
  17. Hi Maybe its me doing something stupidly wrong, maybe I have the wrong settings incamera, maybe I have been 'away' too long. I am hoping its the second of the two! I am finding with my RX100 iii , which is a new camera to me, that I just cannot get acceptable landscape images, maybe only 5% that I am happy to upload. I have tried every different mode available on the camera, I don't think any of the images require the ISO to go above 125. I seem to be ending up with images with a horrendous amount of luminence noise and struggling to get a good clearly focused image with many to
  18. Wim beat me to it and there are only 6 for The tags Brandy fireside, if I drank brandy and had a fireside I know what images I would be taking this evening
  19. And further Micks post, there was a search a couple of days ago for 'boat out of water'
  20. Ah thats it then, they all get grouped as one. Still, can't complain at 24 hrs
  21. Did you have any in the queue already or was that a single upload? If on its own, wow, yes amazing
  22. When you log into my alamy, on the left on your dashboard (before you go to image manager) should be numbers of images in green, orange and red boxes. The red being not on sale, does it not show them all if you click on that red box?
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