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  1. am fairly certain this was the image used last night on 'Have I got news for you' T5YDNC by Keith J Smith I only know as it was posted to a friends FB page, as they are the people in the image. so as I say, I think thats the one used
  2. as Maria says, KEYWORDS. most of your images appear to have been uploaded via Live news. Once they go out of live news and into 'stock' you need to be adding keywords.
  3. just to add to that, after you have edited maybe file to dropbox then upload via your phone from there?
  4. the submission guidelines give you all the requirements necessary to upload to Alamy, you obviously already know whats required re images from your camera. If you wish to load mobile phone images you need to use Stockimo the Alamy 'division' that accepts mobile images
  5. So my question (to Alamy I guess, unless someone else can answer) is, if an image is annotated as RF/editorial only, how can it be sold as PU? Personal use does surely not include using in an editorial article? I understood it to be for home print, use on gift cards (not for sale) that type of thing. Anyway, not your issue CRS as you stated all the info required.
  6. I know it does not take much to confuse me, but this I am confused by. How can the image have been RF if it was a street scene with people unless the model releases were obtained for all people and releases for any property? If not, if would surely have to be marked RF/Editorial, in which case how can it be sold as PU, surely PU is not editorial?
  7. just seen on the twitter feed at the side of the page, that they have tweeted they are aware and working on it, but can't give a time frame. I do not have or follow twitter, so noticed by accident. Perhaps it should be mentioned on here for those who don't tweet.
  8. you can take images with an android phone BUT they must be UPLOADED through an 'i' product (iphone, ipad, etc) to stockimo or stockimo news
  9. Edo, as Wim says use your age! here in Portugal you would be getting big discounts on public transport, entry to museums, swimming pools, cinemas, events plus a lot more I would guess. I would think Spain must be the same. Also it may be worth you checking if there is one day per month where heritage sites and museums are free, there is here. Jenny
  10. looks a little like a sabre toothed tiger to me. if not correct it may help steer you in the right direction? or therocephalian Gorynychus masyutinae
  11. I put in a search term and selected 'social' and got back relevant stockimo images
  12. you also need to take more care with RF/RM if there are people in the image even a finger (!) you say there are people and whether or not you have a model release. the same with property. you seem to be marking everything as RF. if you check out the contributor section there is information there about this
  13. Well done Sally, just goes to show what you can achieve with hard work. Your portfolio number for a relatively short time is quite a feat. Just rewards I say. congrats
  14. top right hand corner of the forum page is a search box, put in RM RF or similar and lots will come up from previous discussion. But the contributor page covers a lot of things. Good luck
  15. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/ a link to the contributor home page, information here and by using the search facility of the forum.
  16. Quite a few Alamy images in this article. Sorry I don't have time to look them up, but can say there are images from Northumberland, Amsterdam, Verona, and many more. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/lifestyle/overbooked/?fbclid=IwAR1XdbzdZjrzGG6gjvBrmzQNMvOKjLIVtirLWjI88zNexAUb2tKpLe8Jpus&noredirect=on&utm_term=.fe45bd66f7fa
  17. maybe it was a sale refunded, then sold again? hence the price difference.
  18. I suggest firstly you do some research on the forum. Look at the posts put each month for images found and images sold. Do any of your images seem like they may fit the criteria of what is selling? What about the keywords and captions of those images? Similar to your 'style'? In the images found threads you will see the same names coming up over and over, look at their portfolios. There is alot to learn from this forum edit to say: these threads/subjects come up every month, look back over a few months not just one!
  19. Edo, try Idealista they seem to have lots of apartments. good luck Jenny
  20. Hi Edo Glad to hear you are there now but obviously not your accommodation worries. Don't wish to try to teach you to suck eggs, but have you tried 'friending' a local bar owner, shop keeper, waiter? Get chatting with them and I would like to bet one of them will know of something available, or failing that they may be able to direct you to a local website, bit like craigslist, that type of thing. Also there is Facebook marketplace, I know around me here in Portugal lots of people put places to let on there, you have to join Facebook of course Hope you manage to find something soon, its
  21. My income figure this year so far puts me about 25% above last year, with a few months to go. This is mainly due to a book cover sale earlier in the year. The last couple of months have been a bit barren but will not complain as have not added much to my portfolio in the last few years, all very much dribs and drabs, something I keep meaning to change, but four house moves in two years has been a little time consuming to say the least! So, so far, 2018 has been a very positive year for me, except for slipping on the rocks at the rock pools this morning at low tide hoping my camera is ok as w
  22. fantastic news Ed, now the adventure begins. wishing you all the best. Jenny
  23. Hi Edo, I thought you wanted a city ? I don't think Nazare will be enough for you. It is absolutely rammed with tourists in summer too Having said that the transport links from larger towns and cities are normally very good and inexpensive anywhere in Portugal, if you chose Nazare and wanted to get around. From me I can get a bus south to Lisbon every hour and takes 50 mins. (Really should go more often haha). I am a little further down the coast, below Peniche. You have my email if you want more info on this area. Jenny
  24. Yes think you are right, it should be my next step. All works fine on my ipad just not my pc. Cheers
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