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  1. And don't forget, you will not be paid until you have a CLEARED balance of $50 or more
  2. They are an Alamy partner so I guess ok to discuss here. In my experience with them they were good to start with, good prices. But, their search engine is shocking, lots of appropriate images do not come up in searches, they put their own keywords in which again are very bad. Even if you have taken the time to put the latin name of a plant in with the common name it is then often mis tagged, as something completely different. The prices now are more often than not in the single cent bracket. I will be closing my account with them shortly. This is obviously just my opinion.
  3. Thank you for clarifying that for me, I thought there was something I was missing! So if using LR4, anything I enter in the Title field (can't look right now but assuming there is one), that will be the caption in image manager? Dumb question of the day probably!
  4. good news Ed. To do a speedtest just go to one of the sites like Ookla, then you will know for sure. Test at different times of day, you may find one thats better. Good news that you a work around if needed though. Jenny
  5. Don't forget to put the latin name for animals, birds, insects, plants etc (your swan as an example) it may take time researching but I enjoy it, its amazing what you learn. Also plurals and singulars, for example I looked at one of your images of a train, it has trains but not train. So pheasant and pheasants, plant and plants etc etc. Also as already mentioned the variations in spelling from UK to US, colourful, colorful, for example.
  6. You have already asked this question and received some answers https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12206-helloi-am-new-here/ You need to spend some time reading through this forum, LOTS of time, there is a wealth of information and advice, read, absorb and act
  7. Brilliant news Edo. As someone said check out the charity shops for household bits and bobs, and the likes of Tesco, Asda etc do good bedding etc for very little cost. All the best Jenny
  8. Thank you so much, I will take a further look at all the info but it certainly looks like it may be that at first glance.
  9. Many thanks John. David, most definitely not Olive, I had a quinta here for a number of years with over 80 olives I had to pick and prune But thank you for trying the first one was taken an hours drive away, maybe I will go back and see if the berries have changed colour and get some more details
  10. can anyone help with these two please, both taken in Portugal. Top one in September, bottom one in April in Madeira
  11. Have come across this for those who may wish to donate https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/KeithThomasMorris?fbclid=IwAR1WtQYLBsX_jd6g0e-C0ectqp3znrzDSWKpS7X_UJLSeB_U_52L7yl_67I
  12. For those who wish to donate https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/KeithThomasMorris?fbclid=IwAR1WtQYLBsX_jd6g0e-C0ectqp3znrzDSWKpS7X_UJLSeB_U_52L7yl_67I
  13. What a sad sad day for our Alamy 'family'. Rest in Peace Keith condolences to his family. Jenny
  14. there is already a thread regarding this sad situation https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12071-bbc-report-keith-morris-missing/
  15. Ed, 'if' I remember correctly for me to transfer from UK to Portugal it was via a SWIFT payment, see if you can find anything like that with your bank. Or maybe use a money transfer company?? I have used Moneycorp and Transferwise before. They may be able to help. Good luck, it would be nice to be settled. Jenny
  16. Just spotted the big red download option and shopping trolley when doing a mouseover of an image. Is it new? or I am asleep half the time?
  17. Aaron, I agree with what has already been mentioned regarding your keywords. You really do need to set some time aside and review what you have tagged. Just two images I have look at WW7XME, you have cathedral, Europe, Italy, temple etc etc, that is not what is in the image. the second one I looked at WW7MJ9, architecture, asian, praying, mythology ???? do the work now before you add another 1,000 images, its going to be a mammoth task.
  18. me neither, can access all of alamy but not my own measures
  19. I am not particularly up on any UK celebs nowadays, but, it may not be a celeb. I know of a woman who had masks made of her future husband which all the friends wore during the hen weekend. I think its quite a common thing nowadays.
  20. Believe it or not Ed, my little corner of Portugal has been colder than the UK for most of the summer so far! We are all wondering when it will arrive, unlike the interior where it is its normal high 30's. I would rather be here with low 20's than that though. I have family coming over from the UK next week, they are in for a shock, haha. The last couple of years here the summer has been arriving later so I look forward to a lovely warm September and October. Fingers crossed!
  21. Ed, are you sure the aircon does not also do heat too? I have aircon in my house and it does my heating in the winter. There will be a little thermometer symbol (probably) on the display of the remote when you scroll through the modes. Just a thought. All the best Jenny
  22. and to make it even more confusing, when I click on the blue numbers below your name it comes up with 10468!
  23. Can't see its been mentioned yet, but wondering what everyone thinks of the new search function on the 'front' page. Bit like google image search. Do you think it will help sales?
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