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  1. does it include images that maybe failed QC or that you might have deleted?
  2. Paulette, I do not think you want to be up a ladder if mum or dad decided to dive bomb you!
  3. My understanding is that you can not have them as RM here if you have them as RF somewhere else. So if they are RF elsewhere, like one of the micros, they must be RF here
  4. agree with what has already been said, just want to mention, I looked at your two images with the oak panelling, you do not use the words 'wood or wooden' you may want to include them and lottery has two t's not the one you have. Jenny
  5. I am having dinner with some friends this coming week, in a restaurant, we are being given a private room (sounds posh ), and I am looking forward to it immensely but also with some trepidation. There are two small children going, I must try not to shriek if one wants to sit on my lap haha. But you are right, times like that remind us so much of how we need that interaction, but if someone had asked me three months ago I would of told them how happy I am with my own company! How little did I know. Good luck with the writing. And we must all hope there is not a second surge.....but I am stocki
  6. Good morning Edo, just read your blog post and it resonated with me. It is very difficult, I think, when living on your own during this 'crisis'. I have pretty much perfected having a conversation with myself and not letting it spiral into an argument ! I am struggling, I have to be honest, really struggling. Having no contact with people from one day to the next is so hard. People message and say, "how are you doing, are your ok?" "yes, yes, I am fine, same old", but it is not, it is hard and I do not want people to worry, so say everything is fine. I go to the shops maybe once in 10 da
  7. I think that Alamy have been very good to allow this thread, but I do not think that posting a link to the portfolio of someone else who is supplying SS is appropriate here, or any portfolio linked to a competitors site for that matter.
  8. Can you take a screen shot Terry? That may help us work it out
  9. Hi Sally, I think you are correct and that it is one of the Metrosideros. I did not manage to get out yesterday to get an image of the flowers, I have them on my mobile but not sure how to upload that here. I did ask on a local FB page and that seems to be the consensus of opinion. I should of mentioned the photograph is taken in Portugal and they do grow well here along the coast. I will try to get out and take some pics today and get them uploaded to confirm, the other one I now think is a quince bud, again need to upload a photo of the flowers open. Hopefully I will manage to get
  10. thats great John thank you. I will see if I can find an image of the top one in flower, (I think I had one that I was not happy to upload), and will get out an take a photo of the bottom one.
  11. The second one has red flowers that look very similar to bottle brush flowers, but I know its not that. Thanks in advance.
  12. no sales showing for me here this month, but some cleared payments took me well into the payment threshold and thanks to using the firefox add on that someone mentioned, I know I have at least 3 sales coming. Happy with the level of zooms too.
  13. Allan, i purchased one of the double height airbeds with a built in pump. Have to say it is great and very comfortable. I slept on it for 6 months, and when I have visitors I happily give up my bed for them and use the airbed myself. The only time I had a problem was when I did not turn the deflate/inflate dial enough after inflating (it has to go to the middle or something) and air was slowly leaking out so by morning it had lost its firmness.
  14. This is the response I received from CR. Note the wording "uploads from mobile phones" I wonder, from this, if the issue is when mobile phone images are uploaded via a computer and not the phone itself, then they are not being blocked. Anyway, we have an answer of sorts. There has been no change in policy. Upload should block all uploads from mobile phones, if some have gotten through then there could have been a temporary fault we are unaware of. Regards Alamy CR
  15. Only a little thing, but they are often the big things.... I have been feeling a little down the last couple of days, living alone and not having very good weather always make things seem worse. I was supposed to fly back to UK a couple of days ago but obviously cancelled so have missed staying with my daughter (who just turned 30, missed that), going to see my mum on her 84th birthday (today), she lives alone too, and seeing my son and other family members. But a friend rang my door bell a couple of hours ago and over the gate she handed me a bag. Inside was a book for me to read but most
  16. I have emailed and asked, obviously it will take time for a response at the moment, but will post when I hear back. If other people are 'testing the water' after reading that post, it is not good.
  17. I will ask Alamy and post the response, as someone else has just posted on the same FB page that they have just had some accepted too.
  18. I got the impression that it was 'normal' stock. I had a quick look on her portfolio and could not see any recent stuff as live news, but it was a quick look. she said she had been taking images whilst out on walks during the lock downs, so recent stuff. And I recall the other contributor who had mentioned it here had just loaded via the normal stock route. I was surprised because I did think the software automatically checked on upload as you say.
  19. Further to someone (do not recall who) mentioning on one of the forum posts recently that he had sent and had accepted some mobile phone images (onto Alamy not S******O) I just noticed someone saying on a FB page for A**** contributors that they have been sending images from a Samsung mobile and they have been getting through not problem. Which will no doubt lead to others doing the same. Has Alamy changed the rules? I always thought these were pulled up immediately on upload.
  20. have you tried searching by your name and google books or the other way around? I found a book cover of mine by searching that way as opposed to by the image, turned out they had only used a fraction of the image and to be honest do not think I would of recognised it if I had seen it, as had been filtered too. Nice 450 sale for me though
  21. I don't think I have, but you may well have a point there. Hopefully Alamy will come along at some point and define this for us.
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