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  1. Hi Has anyone used Onestop Digital when purchasing equipment? Any problems? Thanks No probs one and all, have used Park Cameras instead.
  2. Hi all Further to all of the above, based on a lot more research into the Canon M and its quality of image I have now decided against it. Having spent the whole day reading reviews I am going to go with the Fuji X-E1. I just want to hear if anyone has any experience with the 18-55 XF lens as I can get the pair for a reasonable price. Funnily enough I have also come across some of the Nex at what appears fairly good prices but by the time I get a 'decent' bit of glass it will still be more than the Fuji. So Fuji it is. Lens reviews appreciated. Thanks for all you patience, I know these sh
  3. Thanks Mark, I hope I won't regret it, but if I do, at least its not too expensive !
  4. Thank you to everyone that has contributed their thoughts and experiences. I 'think' for the moment I am going to run with the Canon M for a number of reasons. The reviews I have read from people using it have been on the whole positive. As I have mentioned I have quite a number of Canon lenses which I will therefore be able to utilise and not spend out more money. Plus flash etc etc. Part of me does not want to go along that route as I almost see it as a bit of a step down, but I also am only looking at it as a temporary 'fix'. I will out the 5D whilst it will still bring me some money ba
  5. Hi John (again), I take back what I said about the price, I see its around £539 body only in the UK so not as much as I thought. So toting up lenses would be the thing to do. Hi Richard, thanks for the info, another to look at which I had not considered. Has anyone out there actually used the Canon M?
  6. Hi John, $500 seems a good price, I have not seen anything like that in sterling. I suppose its the additional cost of the lenses for me as all of mine are Canons. To get a couple of good lenses I wonder how much more it would be? That would tip me well over the £1,000 mark I guess and I am thinking alot more to get very good lenses.
  7. Hi Mark Yes you and me both, we could share the millions Allan I have been looking at the reviews for the M and am impressed so far. It seems the pancake lens would do for most walk around stuff or I could always carry my 85mm fixed, thats not too big or heavy. But I do like the option of being able to utilise all of my other lenses if needs be. My main beef with the 5D to be honest is the dust, I am spending way way way too long editing, I don't even want to admit how long, just to be sure of no dust issues. Plus we have a motorhome now and at least I could take the camera out and ab
  8. Hi Allan No I hadn't, I will take a look now. Cheers
  9. Hi Mark thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately I think its unlikely I will get the opportunity to try before buying as live in Portugal. I have spent hours and hours looking a previous posts and online reviews and have just cooked my little brain! I just been looking at the RX100 reviews too and now that one is a potential in the mix. AAAAAArrrrhhhh, I know you went through a similar choice scenario recently, what a pain! I sometimes wish we never had digital and all its choices!!!!!! Thanks again for you input, I guess I can take the 5 off the list as don't need fiddly or frustra
  10. Hi all I know this has just about been done to death and have been trawling through old posts but am still in a bit of a dilema. My old 5D mk 1 has now driven me to the brink with its dust spot issues. It is slowing me down way way too much with editing as I have become super super paranoid. I will be keeping hold of my trusty 20D as believe it or not it is still serving me well, plus I have too many lenses to get rid altogether! So I am torn between getting a Nex 6 or now an RX10. Most of my needs will be pretty basic, some at home shots and then 'street/travel' stuff. I don't antici
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