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  1. Hi Mark thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately I think its unlikely I will get the opportunity to try before buying as live in Portugal. I have spent hours and hours looking a previous posts and online reviews and have just cooked my little brain! I just been looking at the RX100 reviews too and now that one is a potential in the mix. AAAAAArrrrhhhh, I know you went through a similar choice scenario recently, what a pain! I sometimes wish we never had digital and all its choices!!!!!! Thanks again for you input, I guess I can take the 5 off the list as don't need fiddly or frustra
  2. Hi all I know this has just about been done to death and have been trawling through old posts but am still in a bit of a dilema. My old 5D mk 1 has now driven me to the brink with its dust spot issues. It is slowing me down way way too much with editing as I have become super super paranoid. I will be keeping hold of my trusty 20D as believe it or not it is still serving me well, plus I have too many lenses to get rid altogether! So I am torn between getting a Nex 6 or now an RX10. Most of my needs will be pretty basic, some at home shots and then 'street/travel' stuff. I don't antici
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