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  1. Were these sold as part of the NU (novel use) scheme? It should tell you in the sales report. 
    Touch wood I have never had sales as low as that, but I am not in the NU scheme I opted out. For you information you can remove your images from NU, BUT only in April of each year. 

  2. I went to the supermarket today and as we are in lockdown (except for essentials) and have further restrictions coming into force this evening, I expected it to be busy. I really did not want to go over the weekend when it will be busier. Was very pleasantly surprised that it was virtually empty. Lots of the bits I wanted were on offer and when I went through the till I was given a swish cool bag with products inside as I had spent more than 75 euros. (I spent 77). When I got home and emptied the bag it was all sensible items you would normally buy, like kitchen roll, fabric softener, pasta etc. (the leaflet gave the prices of the items in the store and it was 15 euros worth plus the bag) When checking my receipt I saw that I had also saved 57.75 on my shopping as not only had I purchased many items on offer, but the store is also running a refund on VAT for some purchases for this month so 16.79 of the 57.75 was vat refund. Yay.  150 euros worth of goods for 77, happy bunny. :) 

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Linda Johnson Bell said:

    Hi. How long before the accpeted photos on Stockimo are available on our Portfolio Page on Alamy? My photos were accepted on Stockimo last night - so might it simply be a question of waiting a couple of days? I've completed my Page: alamy/portfolio/linda,  but it is just sitting there, looking lonely and empty !!

    Alamy answered you three hours ago on the other posting you had put 



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  4. I know the subject of duplicated images came up recently with regard to PA, but I would like to know about all the other agencies that are duplicating images. I often come across images that have been duplicated, more often than not by big agencies, not good if a search is done and maybe only two pages of images come up but 25% of them are duplicated.  Also just a week or so ago I came across a contributor that had posted over 1500  images on two different pseudonyms. Does Alamy want these pointed out to them like the PA ones were? Or are they to be ignored?

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  5. 34 minutes ago, TABan said:

    News/Reportage phone images can be uploaded through the Reportage/Archival portal if you have that privilege. I just bit the bullet and bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Image quality from the Max’s main camera, which uses a fairly large sensor for a phone, is comparable to images from the Canon G16, which was on Alamy’s old suitable camera list. 

    I thought they still had to go via S*******O route. I thought they had a news upload function via that. Has that altered in the last couple of years? 


  6. 22 hours ago, albury visual services said:

    Hello everyone 


    Just got back from an assignment in Sicily covering harvesting olives, so I drank quite a bit of wine when it rained and the picking stopped.


    Photography is so so tough 


    I have a bit of a problem now I am back and in the UK and in isolation.


    My uploads to Almy ( 20 Images and 50 Meg each image ) keep failing 'lack of memory' has anyone else experienced  this and got a way to get around it. 




    John P


    You probably need to start a separate thread for this question, on  the quality control section of the forum. I think you will get more of a response. 
    Personally I have never heard of that reason for fail. 

  7. I agree with Gen your food shots are lovely BUT you seem to have made the common mistake of having more than one image selected when you are adding your keywords and captions. Some of your other food shots have all the information that you put for the chocolate cupcakes. When you select an image to add keywords (tags) make sure you click on it again to deselect once you are finished. I would get those changed as soon as possible or they will not be found in searchs or will come up as irrelevant. 

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  8. Douglas I know you did not ask, but just thought I would point out, when keywording (tagging) your images, make sure you are deselecting the previous one. If you do not deselect then those tags will go onto the next image(s), as seems to have happened with yours. You have a lot that have the tags etc for the blue angel on the bench and it has happened with other images like the corn on roadside. Make the corrections now while you only have a small portfolio or your images will never be found by buyers. 

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  9. I have spent most of the week sanding back all the cupboards in my kitchen. They were heavily varnished and the yellow dust, despite my best efforts, has of course travelled everywhere. My fingers have been worn almost to the bone, getting into all the crevices of the cornice and door inlays. My knees hurt from getting down to sand back the kick boards. The doors were fixed with long ornate hinges that made it impossible to sand behind. So I duly spent a very long time trying to remove them, they were sunk into the wood. Not an easy task as some of the screws snapped and some of the hinges would just not shift. I will need to get the grinder out for some of them. Needless to say new hinges will be required. I am having problems removing the handles from the fixed drawer fronts below the sink :( 

    So eventually, after sanding back everything to clean wood, carrying out all the filling that my hinge removal subsequently required,  I prepared to paint with primer/undercoat. Now, being in Portugal when I purchased the paint I glanced at the back of the tin and 'thought' I translated it ok. Seems not, one little word I was not sure of so resorted to Google translate. It says, the paint adheres very well and in most cases there is no requirement to sand the surface!!!!!  I have tested it on the 4ft high glass door front that I almost dropped getting off single handed and had yet to sand. It works. Oh well, hopefully a better finish will be achieved with all my hard work.


  10. when you open your images in your editing programme, (lightroom, photoshop etc) you need to CLICK on it (select it) and SCAN it (with your eyes) at 100% zoom. so actual pixels size. You need to check the whole image to ensure no faults. the list of reasons for rejection are in the submissions guidelines.

  11. 3 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    All very well, and I loved eggy too, but the Portuguese have trumped it with the francesinha. Chorizo, cheese inside and out, sauce, chips.

    They have entire restaurants devoted to these blighters. Heart attack on a plate.

    No egg though.

    Now there's a thought...........


    yes have had one in Porto, asked for the sauce on the side though as hate soggy chips. mine came with an egg, it should also have beef and ham as well as the chorizo. I struggled to eat even half, as you say, a heart attack on a plate! 

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