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  1. Douglas I know you did not ask, but just thought I would point out, when keywording (tagging) your images, make sure you are deselecting the previous one. If you do not deselect then those tags will go onto the next image(s), as seems to have happened with yours. You have a lot that have the tags etc for the blue angel on the bench and it has happened with other images like the corn on roadside. Make the corrections now while you only have a small portfolio or your images will never be found by buyers. 

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  2. I have spent most of the week sanding back all the cupboards in my kitchen. They were heavily varnished and the yellow dust, despite my best efforts, has of course travelled everywhere. My fingers have been worn almost to the bone, getting into all the crevices of the cornice and door inlays. My knees hurt from getting down to sand back the kick boards. The doors were fixed with long ornate hinges that made it impossible to sand behind. So I duly spent a very long time trying to remove them, they were sunk into the wood. Not an easy task as some of the screws snapped and some of the hinges would just not shift. I will need to get the grinder out for some of them. Needless to say new hinges will be required. I am having problems removing the handles from the fixed drawer fronts below the sink :( 

    So eventually, after sanding back everything to clean wood, carrying out all the filling that my hinge removal subsequently required,  I prepared to paint with primer/undercoat. Now, being in Portugal when I purchased the paint I glanced at the back of the tin and 'thought' I translated it ok. Seems not, one little word I was not sure of so resorted to Google translate. It says, the paint adheres very well and in most cases there is no requirement to sand the surface!!!!!  I have tested it on the 4ft high glass door front that I almost dropped getting off single handed and had yet to sand. It works. Oh well, hopefully a better finish will be achieved with all my hard work.


  3. when you open your images in your editing programme, (lightroom, photoshop etc) you need to CLICK on it (select it) and SCAN it (with your eyes) at 100% zoom. so actual pixels size. You need to check the whole image to ensure no faults. the list of reasons for rejection are in the submissions guidelines.

  4. 3 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    All very well, and I loved eggy too, but the Portuguese have trumped it with the francesinha. Chorizo, cheese inside and out, sauce, chips.

    They have entire restaurants devoted to these blighters. Heart attack on a plate.

    No egg though.

    Now there's a thought...........


    yes have had one in Porto, asked for the sauce on the side though as hate soggy chips. mine came with an egg, it should also have beef and ham as well as the chorizo. I struggled to eat even half, as you say, a heart attack on a plate! 

  5. I borrowed a jigsaw puzzle from my local book exchange, only 1000 pieces. I am normally very good at jigsaws, and quick. This one was possibly the toughest I have done, or maybe my mind is not in the right place. Anyway, its an alamy image by Steve Bloom, I am guessing it is fairly old judging by the box, but just completed it. Elephants running in water Chobe Botswana Stock Photo

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  6. 22 hours ago, NYCat said:


    Got some even light yesterday morning. First thing in the morning seems to be my best opportunity. The little things don't even have feathers now and barely peek up. I suppose I should take a ladder down to get a better angle but I'm afraid of freaking out mamma and scaring her away. I shall do what I can without harming them.



    Paulette, I do not think you want to be up a ladder if mum or dad decided to dive bomb you! 

  7. 25 minutes ago, John Morrison said:


    Had a ‘socially distanced’ session last night: drinking wine with my oldest friend, while watching the sun go down. A couple of hours of animated conversation have revitalised my thoughts, and reminded me how much I need human interaction.



    I am having dinner with some friends this coming week, in a restaurant, we are being given a private room (sounds posh ;) ), and I am looking forward to it immensely but also with some trepidation. There are two small children going, I must try not to shriek if one wants to sit on my lap haha. But you are right, times like that remind us so much of how we need that interaction, but if someone had asked me three months ago I would of told them how happy I am with my own company! How little did I know. Good luck with the writing. And we must all hope there is not a second surge.....but I am stocking up on loo roll just in case 😂

  8. 28 minutes ago, sb photos said:

    Good news yesterday. On Thursday my wife started coughing, and pretty continuously early evening, then it cleared before bedtime. Although she had no other COVID-19 symptoms and the coughing had cleared up, she had a test booked at the Serco run drive through testing centre at the Oxford Thornhill Park and Ride on Friday. That was far closer than the other option at Reading. She chose to have the swab sample taken rather than do it herself. Yesterday she had an email and text telling her she was all clear. We already had the spare bedroom setup in case either of us caught COVID-19, and had done a practise run of what we should do back at the end of March. I had never washed my hands so many times. Was extremely glad we had the good news.

    wonderful news!

  9. Good morning Edo, 
    just read your blog post and it resonated with me. It is very difficult, I think, when living on your own during this 'crisis'. I have pretty much perfected having a conversation with myself and not letting it spiral into an argument ! I am struggling, I have to be honest, really struggling. Having no contact with people from one day to the next is so hard. People message and say, "how are you doing, are your ok?" "yes, yes, I am fine, same old", but it is not, it is hard and I do not want people to worry, so say everything is fine. 
    I go to the shops maybe once in 10 days, I try to get out for a walk but do not always feel inclined. Here in my coastal spot of Portugal the tourists are arriving and second home owners (mainly from Lisbon......a COVID hotspot at the moment!). Although some bars and cafes have reopened and abiding by all the rules, some of the customers do not and it makes me nervous, very nervous. I went to my local bar when they first reopened, I wanted to support them, but someone came and stood right next to me at my table, chatting to someone across the way, no mask, no distancing, I got up and walked out. So far I have not returned. Next week the local campsite is reopening, I do not like it, not at all. Our numbers for positive cases are currently rising, I find it all scary. I wish I had been back in the UK with family when this craziness started. 

    I tried to take the opportunity to work on images from within the home, but got frustrated, cannot seem to find enough light, cannot seem to up get a decent grip of my RX100iii, (I think its just me, but seem to end up with noise, noise and more noise), I wanted to tether to my laptop but sonyplay (or whatever it is called), believe it or not will not run in Portugal so can not use the bluetooth capability! Everything is frustrating me. 

    Take care, stay safe and stay sane. 


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