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  1. My very limited experience: yes, it's useful. I haven't been adding to my collection for a few years because of the hassle givens the return. If I get the submission & key wording for all but the most high yield images down to 2-3 min/image, my return will barely justify continuing submitting. So, I am trying this.
  2. What's the difference between a large pizza and a photographer? One feeds a family of 4.
  3. I am considering reorganizing my photos into multiple pseudonames to isolate low yield images (travel etc) from higher yield ones. Is there a downside? If I move images that have previously sold or were viewed, will they carry into the pseudoname CTR? Any sense if anyone ever searches on your pseudoname and thus you would need to add the old pseudoname into the comprehensive (luckly my names are unique enough that they will not comeup unless someone is specifically looking for the pseudonmane.
  4. Aha! Yes indeed! Who would have thought they would have a plug-in menu item in two places-there is one also under file. Great, thank you so much.
  5. Everything from the export menu works. However there are additional functions that should be accessible via the plug-in extra menu item (below plug-in manager menu item). I don't have anything their from this plug-in.
  6. I am new to using the plug-in to upload images. All is working except that I don't have anything in the plug-in extra. I am running LR5. Any ideas?
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