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  1. The Times 'World Focus on Africa' supplement May 1 2013 Page 4 OLIVER ASSELIN/ALAMY pic of Cocoa production, can't find the image on Alamy Page 3 PETER TITMUSS/ALAMY pic of the Customs area between South Africa & Namibia AE5BE9
  2. BA0BX6Spreads across p36 & 37 3/4 of 2 page spread. Article is about Post Office creating a bank. Has a speech bubble "Do you want a loan with that?" Thanks Mark. It will be very interesting to see what the repro fee will be. Peter t
  3. I have just had a telephone call to say that one of my images, a postwoman, appears on page 36 of The Sun newspaper today. I'd appreciate, should anyone here have the Sun, knowing which image has been used and that it has been used 3/4 page. Many thanks Peter t
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