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  1. I have a couple of events coming up shortly and need a company who would display my images on their site and handle the photo print orders. I would supply the files to the company. Basically I do not want to be involved in ordering and or selling the images taken by myself. Any help gratefully appreciated. petert
  2. I have this problem too. Last night and this morning. peter t
  3. The Times 25 November 2014 Front page Terry Matthews/Alamy shot of a frosty scene in Malmesbury Wiltshire EB1HBB Great image Terry ! peter t
  4. Thanks to everyone who has been looking. My contact in Spain tells me it is in the D Express here, it is and I now have a copy. peter t
  5. I am trying to find a shot of mine, two women with a dog, which I am told has been used today quite large in the Spanish editions of the Daily Express. Any help in tracking down a copy would be greatly appreciated. Regards peter t
  6. The following Alamy contributors have images published in Sawasdee, March Issue of the Thai Airways inflight magazine. Page 46 Nandana de Siva/Alamy Leopard in a tree H Lansdown/Alamy Animals at watering hole Finnbarr Webster/Alamy Safari in Sri Lanka Page 47 Jan Wlodarczyk/Alamy Brick stupas in Anuradhapura Page 49 Jan Wlodarczyk/Alamy Temple of the Scred Tooth Page 50 Tibor Bognar/Alamy Can't read caption as it is in Thai Page 51 Robert Gill/Papilio/Alamy Monkey in a tree but caption is in Thai Mohammed Abidally/Alamy Bird reflected
  7. I have been trying to upload some images and reach the 'Upload Checklist' box successfully and then onto the 'Upload Images' box, where I draw a blank. The box remains empty, blank in fact. The first time I have experienced this problem, and most days I upload images, If anyone out there can assist in solving this problem I'd be most grateful. peter t
  8. Thanks to all of you who responded. And after some considerable thought I think I will update the Fuji 100. I am in the USA at present and the G16 is on sale around £100 cheaper than the UK here. peter t
  9. I have the opportunity of purchasing a Canon G16 to replace the Fuji 100 I keep in my pocket and would be interested to hearing any comments. Is the G16 a 'Alamy' camera, I could not find it one the list ? Thanks everyone Peter t
  10. Thanks again Bryan for the two more 'newspaper online' sales, excellent work on your part ! peter t
  11. Bryan Thanks for spotting my Clacton image. It will be interesting to see what the fee will be! Not a lot! Peter t
  12. BAD, I have always known September for my best sales figures, not this one though! It must be the worse. Income for September of just over $1700, less commission, on 44 images sold. And, to make things even worse I see yesterday I only had one zoom !!!! Another worse record ! I would like to add that I received the Alamy note informing me that I also was in the top 500. Just look at my picture, I am starving.......have a nice day. peter t
  13. In response to Pearl..... Very interesting as I have just captioned some images with the word moisturise [English] spelling which flags up as a misspelling in the Alamy box. However, 'moisturize' [American] spelling does not. I do recall many years ago Alamy saying no foreign spellings and there was also a change on the site when we all had to go back over our captions and enter 's' if you wanted plurals. I have vivid memories of this time as I then had 18,000 images to check! peter t
  14. Alamy you really do need to look after the contributors at weekends when there are technical problems on the site
  15. The Lexar card reader is only a month old and is the latest model. I have tried several more attempts and get the same message on the screen. Tried on another iMac I have at home, exactly the same result! Thanks for all of your responses, peter t
  16. I have used for the first time a 32GB Lexar Professional 800x Compact Flash card in a D700 and get a message saying 'computer does not recognise this card' when using a Lexar card reader to transfer the images to an iMac. I prefer this method, than to loading directly from the camera. It would be appreciated if anyone could advise how to overcome this problem. Many thanks in anticipation. Peter t
  17. Has anyone out there used or are using the Alamy recommended company Keyindia Graphics for keywording ? I would be interested to receive any feedback. Peter t
  18. Oh, so frustrating. I have attempted two uploads today,firstly around 1pm [uK time] and two images uploaded then the system stopped. About an hour ago {8pm] I attempted to upload. Not one image managed to get onto the Alamy system. Why can't we upload using FileZilla ????? peter t
  19. In Topic: Have you Found any Alamy Photographs JUNE 2013 23 hours ago COUNTRYFILE JULY 2013 ISSUE 75 page 54 shot of Speke's Mill Mouth by PETER BARRITT BCB6WX page 37 and 38 two images of TV farmer Adam Henson by PETER TITMUSS C0FR8W
  20. COUNTRYFILE JULY ISSUE page 54 shot of Speke's Mill Mouth by PETER BARRITT BCB6WX page 37 and 38 two images of TV farmer Adam Henson by PETER TITMUSS C0FR8W
  21. I saw that with my account too and have reported it to 'member services'. I did later see an invoice for the correct cleared balance amount as expected. It certainly is not clear and should be rectified.
  22. Thanks for the responses, it is really appreciated and I have ordered the Fuji on David's advice for her. peter t
  23. I have been asked if I would recommend a compact camera for an elderly lady to photograph flowers. She has a wonderful garden and flower meadow and is keen to go digital, having been told by her local camera shop that they do not stock film any longer. Her budget is approx £200 and she says the camera must fit in her handbag and that it will be used for close-up work mainly. Any suggestions would be greatly received and I know she will be most grateful. Thanks so much peter t
  24. 52 images sold in April, with some into three figures [$], not a record but better than sales in Feb/March. Very rarely does a zoomed image of mine sell.
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