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  1. Section 62 is quite clear "62 Representation of certain artistic works on public display. (1)This section applies to— (a)buildings, and (b)sculptures, models for buildings and works of artistic craftsmanship, if permanently situated in a public place or in premises open to the public. (2)The copyright in such a work is not infringed by— (a)making a graphic work representing it, (b)making a photograph or film of it, or ©[F130making a broadcast of] a visual image of it. (3)Nor is the copyright infringed by the issue to the public of copies, or the [F131communication to the public], o
  2. nope that linked worked cheers, I can see how it would work in clickable searches from an seo and buyers point a view and google might like it as well, but I can see the downside to keyword farming by others but I suppose on the upside alamy is about selling and if it helps then so be it. ian
  3. I have been with alamy for quite a while now and I seem to remember that they blocked the viewing of keywords of others work, I now see you can see all the keywords of any images you click on, so anyone can farm them if they wanted to. why is this anyone know and how long has it been that way, It now seems anyone could rip off your hard work on keywords, I can see from the seo side but from a contributor point not good. also why is the forum still searchable by google, can it not be made private. cheers ian
  4. dear all first time on new forum just updated my sales and average stats. average sale in 2007 $178 average sale in 2013 $50 thats quite a drop sales were down last year and so were prices, had a good november oddly, but rest of year was lower. sold something every month though. what are others finding, I know its not alamys fault all libraries are getting over supply and shrinking market, though alamy seem to grow year on year with their marketing. ian
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