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  1. Completing the electoral form enables you to vote in local as well as national elections and is useful for things like jury service call-ups except you are past the age so this wont apply. You do have the option to opt out of the open register which means the police and credit checkers can see you but the public who might buy a copy of the list can't access your details so you might not appear on quite so many mailing lists Until this year, you were eligible to a free TV license because you are over 75, but that seems about to change, so watch this space seems best advice. It does
  2. TABan, your link just takes me to the Blurb page bot doesn't find your book for me. My wife is an artist and she put several Blurb books together as a sort of portfolio. They were a little over 20 pages as I recall. I was pretty impressed by the quality of the print and the paper. And you could order just one copy or three or ten. Delivery was pretty quick as well.
  3. This thread has run and run, mostly I think because Paul & Flo have responded to suggestions. But it has become clear that THEY WILL NOT EDIT and THEY WILL NOT LEARN HOW TO ADJUST THEIR HUGE FILES. Looking over their current portfolio on Alamy, this is a collection of holiday snaps, albeit fairly exclusive holiday locations. But all those bear shots from Brooks Lodge; they will be up against top shots from Natural History photographers! Sorry, but it is no contest! I can't think what your collection of 35,000 might look like. Let me take you roughly through my figures: Over 50
  4. For sure Michael, a session or two with a digital savvy pal isn't going to solve all their problems but if they can make a start, they may see a learning path opening. You don't have to be an expert to get reasonable results. Some seem content with a very basic grasp, others learn complex moves. I might point to Jeff Greenberg who seems to have gone missing from the forum. He uploaded phenomenal quantities and resisted developing post production skills other than basics. Personally, I think he took that approach to an extreme but it seemed to work for him.
  5. Take a couple of shots of your cat as well. But seriously, a portfolio of 1 isn't going to take you far, nor is a portfolio of 3. They might have made an exception if you were Cartier Bresson. He liked to be pretty selective
  6. Flo and Paul need help getting a grasp on this whole subject of size and file format. It's remarkable how often this crops up on this forum, so they are not alone. It's not that complicated, but the explanations seem to sound far more complex than it really is. I'm 78 and I just about get it and there are a good few with more miles on the clock here. There is no way 'round it you just have to learn at least the basics.They need a pal or fellow photographer to sit down with them at the computer and just demonstrate a bit. They must have some basic software which has enabled them to convert the
  7. This is really a matter of editing; most pro snappers are pretty selective, then there are those who just flood their portfolio with shoals of similars. I really don't get it! 3 sounds enough as a workable rule, 5 on occasion. I remember Susan Griggs who ran a very prestigious agency in London who didn't do similars at all; she selected just the one usually. Neither did she do dupes, so if the original was out with a publisher, it was well and truly out! We all owe Susan a word of thanks. She was instrumental in getting the law changed back in 1987 so that photographers aut
  8. A collection of 35,000 might edit down to more like a couple of thousand. I had 75,000 and only selected about 4,000. Back in film days I used to keep lots of alternatives but that is really not a suitable approach to digital conversion. If you are scanning Kodachromes, check very very carefully for secondary shadow or ghost outlines around things like twigs or rooflines. It's a special fault scanning those emulsions. My Nikon LS 9000 had a special mode for Kodachrome which mostly solved the problem. It is a slow process, just take your time. Chances are, your files will just about pass QC but
  9. Yes I'm not very confident about my suggestion of establishing a buying habit as a good thing. Back in the day when I did a lot of selling as a tiny agency, my pricing policy was the very least I would grant a license for was £50, lower than that the student or perhaps charity was you have to persuade me to let you have it for free, but the license would be very restricted. So the concept of license was established but silly low pricing was not. Unfortunately we have moved on a long way.
  10. The student license for peanut (just the one) has come up before. Perhaps it's a good idea to pay something rather than just ripping it off, but why in perpetuity? Did the student really dream up that term at the union bar?
  11. I know etiquette discourages criticism, but in this case I feel free to describe most of this collection as rubbish. Just painful! I have a fondness for Finland and Fins. So many images keyworded as London and Helsinki . I suppose almost none of this will be seen never mind sold, but it is pretty dire.
  12. Yeh, I don't think B&W comes across at all well on any computer monitor.You really need the physical thing to appreciate the depth of the image and the sheen of the paper. In some cases, the paper was just a little warm which could work. You want to see real disappointment, take a look at the truly awful B&W conversions some publishers used to make from colour transparencies. Those make digital conversions look terrific. But still not like the real thing though
  13. A charming last trip. I'm glad to see Keith continuing the tradition of the VW Camper being the choice of transport for so many photographers. The baywindow version seems to have been highjacked a bit by the surfing community but I can live with that. I've had two which have served me well for fifty years. I've just had the later one tidied up and it looks good for many years yet.
  14. Yeh, many of the "generic" versions of things like aspirin & paracetamol are a fraction of the price of branded remedies. The same goes for mouthwash and packets of washing powder and dishwasher tablets. The crazy thing is Jane and I who could afford the branded versions, buy the basic cheap stuff while our son and his wife who are really strapped ,go for the big brands. And they throw food away that is anywhere near the sell-by-date, never mind the use=by-date. Crazy kids! and no, Voltarol and Ibuprofen are not the same thing. I'm not sure either of them penetrate the skin and
  15. It used to be that we negotiated fees on the basis of how big how many and where but over the years things have moved to "a price for anywhere anysize". I don't really like it, but buyers are getting used to that as a normal way of doing things. This is not just an India thing
  16. I'm not sure you would be quite on your own and I'm not that far off qualifying. As for talking to oneself, that's not restrained by age in my immediate experience
  17. I can recall a few dodgy shoulders and it could well have been down to sleeping in an awkward position but it certainly moved me to attending to how much and where to hang my camera gear. In those days there might be a 67 Pentax as well as a couple of Canon F1s and associated lenses. The best solution was in Morocco where I was assigned a lad to carry the lot! Lowe used to make a formidable Bum Bag big enough to hold the big Pentax lenses. These days my little kit of a Pentax K-5 and a couple of lenses fit neatly into aa very modest backpack. I did give myself over to an osteopath once when
  18. I'm glad to hear Dyfed-Powys Police are investigating possibilities. We are all probably assuming this was an unfortunate case of seaside storm chasing gone wrong. So many of us have pushed our luck in that direction and I guess we will mostly continue. In Oct 1954 I went out in the only hurricane to reach Kingston Ontario and managed an award-winning shot and I was hooked. A great shame if Keith wasn't lucky on the day, but that may not be the complete story
  19. getting a "can't find the page" message noon Tuesday 8th. Mostly curious to see what has caused my CTR to rise back above 1.5 instead of continuing its downwards path on the graph
  20. If you have reached 65 or whatever is the current retirement age and you are in a position to NOT draw your pension you should check out how much your annual payout will increase as you delay. You can delay until the age of 75. I was still doing pretty well in my 60s and for those ten years, my pension pot increased by 10.5% per year. You wont get that rate of interest anywhere short of robbing banks! But I think things have changed. As ever, get and take good advice!
  21. By the time you've got your head 'round it, they will have changed their name and structure again. Some bright corporate types managed to completely change their name to something clever which nobody could remember so they went back to being The Post Office having squandered a great deal of money rebranding. Must have been at least ten years ago.They are The Post Office no matter how much they insist they are a lot of other things. Consignia that was it, took a full day to recall! In my village you can access most high street banks at their counter, draw your pension, pay some bill
  22. I do remember quite a while ago America decided to go for Kilometres rather than miles and perhaps some extra metrification s. Canada said "we had better do this as well" So in no time at all Canada made the change but America changed their minds and stayed with miles and their odd sized gallons. So most of N. America does miles while Canada does Kilometres like most of Europe does Kilometres while Britain does miles. At least in N.America they all drive on the same side of the road. Just imagine if Canada went with all the rest of the pink coloured countries of the word map and had decided t
  23. I too used to suffer the plight of not waiting long enough for the weather to improve and too often noted in the rear mirror that the weather had come good after I had driven half way home. So I bought a modest VW camper and made myself comfortable while waiting longer. I didn't often spend the nights in it, but I could. But Edo doesn't want to go back to driving
  24. Edo's more of a Dog person. House and or dog sitting works well for some, but it's hard if you don't have a base to keep at least some of your "stuff" Perhaps that's the market for some of those self-storage depots spring up in so many locations. I've only visited a couple with friends shifting some stuff for them and seen them being used in weird ways.
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