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  1. commiserations to all those who make much of the various groups who celebrate about this time of year. We will have to settle for a roast turkey with a visit from son and daughter-in-law, a few silly games perhaps and a generous fire. Situation pretty normal for us, but I feel for those who like to make a lot more of it. Let's hope for a better year to come!
  2. My CTR lurks mostly around the 0.75 and 1.25 marks so perhaps that means at least I'm visible. Oddly sometimes my highest pseudonym is a very small contributor who has never sold a thing in 15 years. Just the very occasional zoom is enough. I think he once went over 7. his portfolio is in single figures; he seemed a good idea many years ago but faded fast
  3. I'm sure most of us would wish for a whole lot more detail on several topics but this is a public forum. Let's hope some of the suggestions found fertile ground. Back in the day, I was very impressed by the couple of contributor gatherings in London I attended, but much has changed. I'm glad the audio came across better; a little attention to lighting and camera work wouldn't go amiss. Not that hard, that's what some of us do!
  4. But slightly better is all it takes. I often remember my mate Mark Burns who worked as picture editor at Stony Stone who said "Second best hardly ever sells" It's not 100% the case, but it'll do as a working principle.
  5. I quite like that handy Adam Savage bloke. The question really reminds me of all those times I struggled when meeting picture researchers in gatherings. Always they would ask"what do you specialise in?" usually I would be rescued by some clever wag who would chime in "He specialises in lost transparencies!" I wouldn't dare say I do general photography so would go for Megalithic Archaeology as an response but of course that was a very incomplete answer and I would have starved if that had been factual. In fact, stock photography is a very handy way of wearing several hats according to circums
  6. well things seem to have moved on since I lived in Canada & drove around frequently in NY State. 50 mph was the limit on normal highways and more on the four lane expressways whatever they might be designated. Of course all driving is now calculated in Kilometers in Canada. There was a notorious patch of highway 2 near the St Lawrence which regarded speed restrictions as a revenue opportunity. I got a ticket for 55 mph driving my Mom's car and I swear to this day I had the speed control set to 50 as we genuinely were not in any hurry. For what it's worth , I drive pretty moderately but my
  7. surely those are the top end speeds on motorways only? Like Betty, I avoid those if possible. In general, a normal highway in N.America is 50 mph where it would be 60 mph in UK. So you can still put the pedal to the metal in Germany?! But again, surely that is just the autobahn?
  8. Out here in East Anglia we do big skies and patches of pretty open road but not like some Canadian and American areas. The speed limits are quite a bit higher than N.America. 60 mph on all non-urban roads unless specified, 70 mph on all 4 lane roads (not just the motorways) and even some urban roads allow 40mph. These are quite a bit higher than N.American speeds and when you consider the greater distance in most cases it might seem a very long time to make your journey. 20 mph in the city areas of London's financial district and often near schools seem like walking pace but probably save
  9. I wouldn't like think what might be bread and butter subjects any more. They never taught anything about that at art school and after 50 years in the business I would hesitate to offer any advice. There was a time when I thought I knew a bit about it but I think I've lost it.
  10. both Aldi & Lidl do these curious centre aisles with all manner of "STUFF" It's cheap and some a bit nasty and I just don't see why it would be in a supermarket. I confess I have snagged a couple of bargains but I still reckon they could put the space to better use
  11. You need to have done a roast on a Sunday for there to be a bowl of left-over veggies on a Monday. Best if there are several sprouts. A quick spin in the food processor, tip it into a fry pan et voila, Bubble and Squeak
  12. Yes, I would usually agree about numbers, especially the tiresome tiddlers, just got carried away with the Christmas cheer
  13. Most months I am waiting patiently to get off the mark and need a week or more for the first to drop in. To-days the 4th and a shot from Norfolk thumped in with a very pleasant $495 which I did for my first book way back in 1972. As has been often said; This is indeed a waiting game! Best not to give too much away as the site is very accessible and to be honest, there's nothing all that remarkable about my shot. There are a couple of similars from other contributors. Book : Duration: 25 years. Amount of Uses for Secure Electronic: Unlimited. Amount of Uses for Non Secure Electronic
  14. I painfully recall making presentations to picture researchers and editors fresh out of art college. I had some nice attractive well shot transparencies to show. They viewed politely and made nice murmerings,then came the total put-down: Arty-farty photography. Crushed! But they were right, I had not demonstrated any ability to follow a brief, so I wasn't getting any commissions. So to get on track I had to stop flogging that aspect and show I could produce the goods before I got any work. It was a hard lesson. Years later in the travel brochure sector, I found myself doing a lot of re-shoots
  15. Once you discover how easily these home espresso machines make superb coffee you'll chuck all those instant jars away. The ones which use pods are a waste of time and money. As to flat whites, Lattes and most of current offerings, I really don't get it. Cappuccino qualifies as coffee, most of the rest don't. Why we call watered down Espresso AMERICANO I have no idea. In Italy they give you a glass of water alongside your espresso just in case you are thirsty. I'm pleasantly surprised how so many little cafes in the UK have a decent Espresso machine and will give a proper coffee. Mostly they ar
  16. Lots of people have preferences for non prescription painkillers. I've never understood how anyone would shell out for branded painkillers when the generic own-brand option which will be exactly the same thing at a fraction of the cost. This is one of those areas where "you get what you pay for" doesn't work out. Fool & money soon parted fits better. Ibuprofen can be more effective than paracetamol for some but reduces the effect of high blood pressure treatments which many of us elder folk are on. Codeine might help you sleep but I wouldn't want to take that for a month. I can take it w
  17. Football weekends were colossal piss-ups. If you had recall, you were doing it wrong. The engineers usually led the charge
  18. Marshall McLuhan took a course or two from my Dad at Queens. He certainly didn't learn anything like that from him
  19. Yeh, there were times when a few of the images were linked and there was hardly any room for dialogue. I suppose the three dots takes up a little less space as well, but I don't really see much advantage. It wasn't broke so why fix? What did unsettle was the system demanded I log in with ID and password. I did that meticulously and it said I was wrong. Checked it and was 100% sure I had it right. It then blocked me and reported via email that someone in Pebmarsh Essex had been trying to access my account. It all went away the next day. I don't know anyone in Pebmarsh (photographers or oth
  20. I'm not sure I agree with that list except for the "get it free" option. That's been going on for a long time; as a travel photographer I was long frustrated by the publishers who started their search at British Tourist Association and bent the truth in order to quality for free photos. Researchers did not go to individual photographers collections unless they were mates, long preferring to source from an agency where they could press for bulk rates. Bulk rates might start at two! I became a very small agency so that myself and a very few friends could compete for a few bulk-buy hunters. That
  21. America is American-centric. They buy images of America or as America sees the world. That is an exaggerated simplification, but if you are hoping to sell images to USA, you won't go far wrong with that as a selling strategy. Keep note of the locations Americans pick for film locations in the UK. You could count them with two hands, no need to roll up your socks and start counting your toes. Sorry if I offend, but it's almost true. Out here in East Anglia they remember US bomber bases from WWII and that's about it. Oh, and Cambridge. Here in Sudbury, we have four silk mills, who would want to
  22. Just as examples, I have three sales showing so far this month: AXAHFF Aerial St Lawrence Seaway circa 1985 BBAHA2 Excel centre London circa 2010 AMY0UP Dover Castle circa 1990 the two older ones are scans from slides The aerial might well put you in hot water these days as we were just doing a sightseeing flight over an international border and above an installation which should be fairly high up any security list these days. note these are A & B prefixes so they've been on Alamy some time.
  23. 4 year old photos are not old photos. Of course there is a market for the most recent shots but 95% of my portfolio is much older and trundle along producing sales
  24. Yes The Kingston Whig Standard was the one. As a lad I delivered a round of about 50 by bike, collected the moneys which I think was 35 cents a week, so I knew my 35x times tables. We rolled up our many coins and cashed in on Saturday mornings 'round the back of the downtown office. It was only as a contributor that I entered from the front. They stopped the lads collecting the money years later and now I think it is a free-sheet just relying on the advertising for revenue. Here in the UK quite a few big titles are free-sheets now; the most obvious being The London Evening Standard which publi
  25. Back in the early 60s I used to sell the odd few soft news photos to my local paper in Kingston Ontario. The fee was always 5 bucks. They gave me grief for being a bit slow off the mark. Even way back then I thought for just 5 bucks, I should be quick off the mark? Would you believe, almost 60 years later the offer would probably be less? And I had to process the film, make prints and hump them 'round to the paper. How did I make that work? I was living at home and mom provided. Provided nicely!
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